Xolo Customer Support Review: True story of a customer!

Update 2, (26/03/2014)

I was contacted by Xolo to delete this post which I thought is not the best thing to do.
To all my readers I want to clarify one thing and that is My Xolo Play T1000 is now working just fine.

Steps to get YOUR issue resolved in a better way.

I already gave you the phone number of Mr. Gorav Kapoor from Xolo, call him. Tell him your problem and he will resolve your issue to the best.
Otherwise you can contact Akosha which is a private company that can workout your issues. They will follow up with you once that you file your complaint. Just head to their website at www.akosha.com and find their helpline number on the top of the homepage.

Xolo is definitely resolving issues, just contact them the right way.

At last I would like to say that defamation of any brand was never and will never be my intent. I just shared my story here on my blog. That is why I changed the title of this post.

Update! (14/01/2014)

So, it has been a awhile that I wrote my story on Android’s Creed. I got a call from Xolo representative Mr. Gorav Kapoor and he insisted me to delete this blog post and the petition I’ve filed on Change.org to which I could not say yes as I was pissed enough. The thing I liked is that this guy had a nice tone whenever he talked with me even when I refused to delete blog post or the petition.

He asked me what I wanted, so we came to the conclusion that they will fix the problem and after that if the issue occurs again I’ll get my money refunded. LOL! The problem didn’t occur again. So finally after 4 months Xolo fixed the phone.

I was pretty happy that the same guy who was once ignoring my issue had to come to my place and address it.

Well, I don’t have any feelings with this Xolo phone I don’t enjoy it but I’ll have to stick with it.

If you are having any problem with your XOLO phone you can contact Gorav Kapoor and tell him the problem. If he doesn’t help you!(he will!) I am here for you!

Name: Gorav Kapoor

NOTE: Mr. Gorav Kapoor is only able to handle complaints from North Region but he is getting phone calls from across the country. Phone calls are fine, but because he is traveling most of the times he will not be able to reply to E-mails efficiently so I’d recommend only calling him on the number given below. And Ya, the phone number is working by the way, I’ve called him several times.

E-mail Address: /* Please read the Note Above */

Phone: +91-9716700007

Post before Update!

Before starting to read the post please take a look at this quotation which is given by no one else but me,

Buying a XOLO smartphone is like getting in relationship with a girl just because of her looks,

You enjoy it in the start but as soon as you learn about her other side, you regret that you bought it

-Arjun Mishra

If you do not want to read the whole post and want to know the summary of my experience then here is a solution. I have mentioned here what was my experience with XOLO Customer Care and Support and how many rides I took to the Service Center.

1: 7th of September, 2013: I bought the Xolo Play T1000 for Rs. 14,900 (~$245)

2: 9th of Septmeber, 2013: Decided to report about the problems with the phone (Overheating and Screen turning Off)to the person from whom I bought the phone. He recommended me to got to the service center.

At the Service Center: They were not ready to accept overheating as an issue and said its Ok. To “Screen-going-dead” they said we can only do anything if we see the problem ourselves. When the problem appeared they restarted and said the problem is resolved. But restarting is not the solution even I do that when I face this problem. They refused to replace my phone.

3. 13th of September, 2013: I went to the shop from where I bought the phone to ask if I can get another phone or sell it. They said I cannot get the phone replaced but I can sell the phone for Rs. 9,000. I refused to sell the phone because it wasn’t a good deal, this implies that XOLO smartphones have no resale value.

4. 16th of September, 2013: Went to the XOLO Service center again where I submitted the phone for getting the issues fixed. It was taken and they said it can take up to 15 days to which I agreed.

Note: Attitude of people at XOLO service center sector 22, Chandigarh was very cheap. They were ignoring my questions and were very loud.

5. 17th of September, 2013: I called the service center to inquire if my phone has been dispatched for Delhi or not. They said no.

6. 18th of September, 2013:  Called them again and learned that the phone has been dispatched.

7. 22nd of September, 2013: Called the service center again to know about the phone and they gave me a docket number to track my package. The docket no. didn’t work. They asked me to only inquire XOLO customer care number which I did and received the same answer till 3nd of October -“Sorry Sir, we don’t have any information about your phone. Please inquire again after 7 days.”

8. 5th of October, 2013: Came to know that some parts which are required to fix the phone are not available so the phone cannot be repaired and it can take some time. I was shocked.

9. 11th of October, 2013: Decided to mail Sweety Pahwa who recently contacted me as a PR manager of Xolo Smartphones and wanted me to write reviews about their phones. So, I taught Sweety about the scenario (read what I mailed her in this post below) and she forwarded my word to XOLO/LAVA company itself.

10. 14th of October, 2013: I received a call from a girl named Monika Agarwal who contacted me from LAVA. She guaranteed me that the phone will be dispatched before evening of 15th of October.  And this happened too, the phone was dispatched and I also received a working docket number.

11. 17th of October, 2013: The phone was delivered to the service center from where I had to collect the phone.

12. 19th of October, 2013: I realized that the phone is still untouched and I have to face the same problem.

So, I got the phone after a month and the problem isn’t solved.

In Detail

Hello Readers, this is Arjun and I am here to share my story about this Andoroid Smartphone Company called XOLO which is as far as I know a sister of Lava Smartphones. In early September this year I bought the XOLO Play T1000 which boasts of a Quad-core processor (which is shit) and 1 GB of RAM(heats and exhausts) also this awesomely shit phone has a 5th core dedicated to battery saving (Are you joking?). For that 5th core for battery saving might be actually there on the chip but all it does is what the guys and gals at XOLO do, NOTHING! I should say ‘NOTHING’ in bold so once more – They do “NOTHING“.

I’m going to share my experience with this cheap smartphone company that is disguising in the cape of gold. They are not what they pretend to be. They boast of making marvelous phones but ironically all they are manufacturing is junk, just cheap and non durable junk. Their “Intel Inside” is why they are still surviving.

Why I bought a Xolo Smartphone?

Beside being a smartphone and Andriod fanatic I was faked by XOLO products. I still don’t regret it because now I have learned that its not always what you see and hear but what I regret is that I gained this experience by spending bucks from my own pocket.


The irony is that I cannot buy a new phone  because I am a High-School guy who doesn’t make thousands of dollars, all I can do is tell the truth by this awesome means of Blogging. I have to stick with Xolo Play T1000 until I save some more money for a new phone.

Xolo Customer Care is CHEAP !! Yes, this is how I’ll rate them. They are cheap at customer support. They are trying to sell their products, they are finding customers to buy their products rather than finding products for their customers. Those people at XOLO are already trained to reply to harsh comments received by customers from across the country. You wanna take a look at their Service center where I had to go? See below –

Did you see that A4 size white paper on that board. Cheers because that is all how they declare that its an authorized service center.  CHEAP!! I had to go there on 4th day of buying the phone.

What was the Problem?

There are two problems that I am facing since the day one of buying the phone, that are Overheating and the Screen going dead on occassions. I bought the phone at late night (7th of September) because that is when I get time to step out (Studies you know!) and that’s why I didn’t get much time to hang around with the phone for a while. I came back home and allowed the phone to download all the necessary apps and updates which I need (Over Wi-Fi while on charging). There was a lot of stuff to be downloaded which might have taken around 1 hour 30 minutes of continuous Wi-Fi operation for downloading apps and updates.  When I woke up after almost 3 hours I was amazed by the temperature of my phone. “IT WAS DEAD HOT”. Ignoring the temperature, I switched off Wi-Fi and removed the charger and left the phone alone to cool down. -Can’t believe that it was this hot in just 1.5 hours of charging and Wi-Fi. Well, never-mind I didn’t bother much about the problem.

So, in the morning I took my bag and left for the school. The phone was working fine when I put it in my pocket. In 15 minutes I reached school (I don’t use phone while I walk). To surprise my friends I took the phone out and what I saw? The screen was dead, just the capacitive touch buttons were working. When the phone display failed to start, all my friends were making fun of me.

When I reported the Problem!

So, after experiencing the overheating and screen not working issues again and again I decided to reach out to XOLO Customer Support. As I told you the display didn’t work only on occasions and not always so there at the service center the “Screen Not Working” issue didn’t appear. However,  the Guy at the XOLO service center made a comment about the overheating issue which was -“It is quite usual for the phone to get heated as it has such a powerful processor“. WTF!! really? (I realized about the awesomely smart and educated XOLO employees). There is a policy that the phone seller informed me of, that one can get his/her XOLO phone replaced at the service center in 7 days of buying it.

At the service center they refused to take overheating as a serious issue and the “Screen not working issue” needed me to stay at the service center for hours so that it can occur again (which I couldn’t do, I am one busy guy). After so many ups and downs they finally said – Sir, we cannot replace the phone as 7 days limit is crossed(YOU SUCK) but what we can do is send your phone to Delhi center where your issues will be resolved. However, they informed me that it can take up to 15 days for the phone to return. I said OKAY. Let it be!

The Wait and Wait and Wait!

So, I submitted the phone on 16th of September at the service center and it was dispatched on 18th for Delhi. While the 15 days period was still ON I called at the service center twice asking for the Docket number to track my package. They gave me a docket number which was an EPIC FAIL(Wasn’t Working).

Hey wait. I don’t need to type the whole story again. Below is the E-mail that I sent to a PR Manager of XOLO !

Note: This mail has been edited a bit.

Hello Sweety,
Hope you are having a great time because I am really hurt.

Note: Do not ignore this mail, read it thoroughly.
This is Arjun from “www.androidscreed.com“, you contacted me for posting reviews of XOLO smartphones.

Well, I just fell in the trap, recently I bought a XOLO Play T1000 which started troubling with Overheating and faulty screen issues. Anyways I took it as the fault of that particular piece that I bought, I went to the XOLO smart service, they were like -“We cannot help with Overheating, its normal with such a powerful hardware” (What? really? that’s actually a stupid excuse!) then I inquired about the Faulty screen as it went dead occasionally and would only come back after I reboot. Anyways, I asked for a replacement as the problems were there since the day one and it wasn’t even 5 days that I have bought the phone. They were like – “No, we cannot provide you a replacement as we cannot see the problem”:/!!

The Hell, those idiots at the service center were not ready to accept overheating as an issue and said they cannot help. But what about the Screen?
Okay, I admit that the “Screen Not Working” problem only came occasionally and at the service center the problem occurred only once, and at that time- that guy at the Service center simply rebooted my phone and said “Its working now”, – I mean what? Even I can do it! What the hell, you cannot give a permanent solution? No, they said.

All time I had a cheap experience at the service center.

All the above incidents took place before 16th of September, 2013. On 16th of September I submitted the phone to get it fixed. The guys at the service centre said- “The phone will go to New Delhi, and it can take Up to 15 days”.

I said Okay, let it be 15days. I just gave it to them and came back.

After 4 days I called at the Service center inquiring about my phone and they said they cannot help me, I need to call the XOLO Customer care number.

I did as they said; I called the XOLO Customer care no. and inquired about my Phone by giving them the IMEI number.

They said, there are no updates of any such phone. (At that moment I felt like no earth below my feet)

I called again at the service center after a couple of days just to get the same answer again.

I called the XOLO Customer care and they said the phone has been received and is currently under repairing. I said Okay. (So, at least they had my phone)

After exactly 15 days of giving my phone I called again at the XOLO Customer care and inquired about the phone and they said I’ll get the phone after 7 more days. (15+7=22days)

So, I called the XOLO Customer care again after 7 days exactly. Still they said it can take about a week. (I just had a mess in my nerves)

Yesterday, they said there is shortage of some parts which are needed for the repairing so they cannot do the repairs and it may take more time.


You are the PR Manager, take care of the case or else I have to blog about my experience with XOLO.

Mind My Words!!

Call your guys, let them know about the phone – below is the IMEI number of the phone which you can use to trace my phone in your Cheap Storage rooms.

IMEI No. : 911319450053188

Model: Xolo Play- T1000


I want the phone by 15th of October or else, I’ll start the campaign.


Editor and Writer at Android’s Creed!!

XOLO Customer Care

Whenever I called XOLO customer care number on 1800-30-100-104 all I got was the same answer- Sir, please try after seven days. ” taarikh pe taarikh, taarikh pe taarikh…  hum phone karte hai problem ke liye aur milti hai kya? TAARIKH “.

So, overall I’ll give -5 stars to XOLO Customer Care out 5 stars. Another problem is that the phone takes forever to be connect and the SMS service doesn’t work shit.

All the time even after 15 days I was polite to XOLO Customer care phone attendants as I know its not their fault but after 22+ days I really got pissed off still then I called them and inquired about the phone.

On the line, that girl said- Sorry Sir, we don’t have any update of the phone but you can try contacting after a week (DAMN!!). At that point I got some stiffness in my tone and said, I want to talk to your senior. She said he is busy on another line and is unable to attend the call. I had to wait  30 minutes on the line to talk to the Senior even then I didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

XOLO Customer Support

Two words – “IT SUCKS”.

So, as you know I sent an E-mail to the PR Manager(Sweety Pahwa) and she forwarded the information to the company and after few days on 15th of October may be I received a call from a girl named – Monika Agarwal. She asked me the docket number, IMEI number and kind of stuff and handled the info to her. Next day on 16th of October I received an E-mail from “…@lavainternational.in” in which I was informed that the phone was dispatched.

Hmm… Nice, So I received the phone after I complained the PR manager and talked with someone from the LAVA company itself:/ … What about those who don’t know about the PR manager and don’t have a blog? In fact think about those who don’t have time to tackle all this headache.

After I received the phone

Now, that I have received the phone I am still facing the same problems and I am really very disturbed. I am trying to update the Android with the official OTA update and its not happening. So, they sent me a phone after more than a month without even touching it.

I have read posts of many other people who bought XOLO smartphones and were Lost after that.

If you faced similar problems with XOLO then please do comment below and raise a voice against this mismanaged company that is not taking its responsibility seriously.

What if I didn’t buy XOLO Play? I would have bought the Google Nexus 4. It just arrived in the store near me few days back and I went their after collecting my XOLO Play from that service center.

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