Xolo Customer Support Review: True story of a customer!

Update 2, (26/03/2014)

I was contacted by Xolo to delete this post which I thought is not the best thing to do.
To all my readers I want to clarify one thing and that is My Xolo Play T1000 is now working just fine.

Steps to get YOUR issue resolved in a better way.

I already gave you the phone number of Mr. Gorav Kapoor from Xolo, call him. Tell him your problem and he will resolve your issue to the best.
Otherwise you can contact Akosha which is a private company that can workout your issues. They will follow up with you once that you file your complaint. Just head to their website at www.akosha.com and find their helpline number on the top of the homepage.

Xolo is definitely resolving issues, just contact them the right way.

At last I would like to say that defamation of any brand was never and will never be my intent. I just shared my story here on my blog. That is why I changed the title of this post.

Update! (14/01/2014)

So, it has been a awhile that I wrote my story on Android’s Creed. I got a call from Xolo representative Mr. Gorav Kapoor and he insisted me to delete this blog post and the petition I’ve filed on Change.org to which I could not say yes as I was pissed enough. The thing I liked is that this guy had a nice tone whenever he talked with me even when I refused to delete blog post or the petition.

He asked me what I wanted, so we came to the conclusion that they will fix the problem and after that if the issue occurs again I’ll get my money refunded. LOL! The problem didn’t occur again. So finally after 4 months Xolo fixed the phone.

I was pretty happy that the same guy who was once ignoring my issue had to come to my place and address it.

Well, I don’t have any feelings with this Xolo phone I don’t enjoy it but I’ll have to stick with it.

If you are having any problem with your XOLO phone you can contact Gorav Kapoor and tell him the problem. If he doesn’t help you!(he will!) I am here for you!

Name: Gorav Kapoor

NOTE: Mr. Gorav Kapoor is only able to handle complaints from North Region but he is getting phone calls from across the country. Phone calls are fine, but because he is traveling most of the times he will not be able to reply to E-mails efficiently so I’d recommend only calling him on the number given below. And Ya, the phone number is working by the way, I’ve called him several times.

E-mail Address: /* Please read the Note Above */

Phone: +91-9716700007

Post before Update!


Before starting to read the post please take a look at this quotation which is given by no one else but me,

Buying a XOLO smartphone is like getting in relationship with a girl just because of her looks,

You enjoy it in the start but as soon as you learn about her other side, you regret that you bought it

-Arjun Mishra


If you do not want to read the whole post and want to know the summary of my experience then here is a solution. I have mentioned here what was my experience with XOLO Customer Care and Support and how many rides I took to the Service Center.

1: 7th of September, 2013: I bought the Xolo Play T1000 for Rs. 14,900 (~$245)

2: 9th of Septmeber, 2013: Decided to report about the problems with the phone (Overheating and Screen turning Off)to the person from whom I bought the phone. He recommended me to got to the service center.

At the Service Center: They were not ready to accept overheating as an issue and said its Ok. To “Screen-going-dead” they said we can only do anything if we see the problem ourselves. When the problem appeared they restarted and said the problem is resolved. But restarting is not the solution even I do that when I face this problem. They refused to replace my phone.

3. 13th of September, 2013: I went to the shop from where I bought the phone to ask if I can get another phone or sell it. They said I cannot get the phone replaced but I can sell the phone for Rs. 9,000. I refused to sell the phone because it wasn’t a good deal, this implies that XOLO smartphones have no resale value.

4. 16th of September, 2013: Went to the XOLO Service center again where I submitted the phone for getting the issues fixed. It was taken and they said it can take up to 15 days to which I agreed.

Note: Attitude of people at XOLO service center sector 22, Chandigarh was very cheap. They were ignoring my questions and were very loud.

5. 17th of September, 2013: I called the service center to inquire if my phone has been dispatched for Delhi or not. They said no.

6. 18th of September, 2013:  Called them again and learned that the phone has been dispatched.

7. 22nd of September, 2013: Called the service center again to know about the phone and they gave me a docket number to track my package. The docket no. didn’t work. They asked me to only inquire XOLO customer care number which I did and received the same answer till 3nd of October -“Sorry Sir, we don’t have any information about your phone. Please inquire again after 7 days.”

8. 5th of October, 2013: Came to know that some parts which are required to fix the phone are not available so the phone cannot be repaired and it can take some time. I was shocked.

9. 11th of October, 2013: Decided to mail Sweety Pahwa who recently contacted me as a PR manager of Xolo Smartphones and wanted me to write reviews about their phones. So, I taught Sweety about the scenario (read what I mailed her in this post below) and she forwarded my word to XOLO/LAVA company itself.

10. 14th of October, 2013: I received a call from a girl named Monika Agarwal who contacted me from LAVA. She guaranteed me that the phone will be dispatched before evening of 15th of October.  And this happened too, the phone was dispatched and I also received a working docket number.

11. 17th of October, 2013: The phone was delivered to the service center from where I had to collect the phone.

12. 19th of October, 2013: I realized that the phone is still untouched and I have to face the same problem.

So, I got the phone after a month and the problem isn’t solved.

In Detail

Hello Readers, this is Arjun and I am here to share my story about this Andoroid Smartphone Company called XOLO which is as far as I know a sister of Lava Smartphones. In early September this year I bought the XOLO Play T1000 which boasts of a Quad-core processor (which is shit) and 1 GB of RAM(heats and exhausts) also this awesomely shit phone has a 5th core dedicated to battery saving (Are you joking?). For that 5th core for battery saving might be actually there on the chip but all it does is what the guys and gals at XOLO do, NOTHING! I should say ‘NOTHING’ in bold so once more – They do “NOTHING“.

I’m going to share my experience with this cheap smartphone company that is disguising in the cape of gold. They are not what they pretend to be. They boast of making marvelous phones but ironically all they are manufacturing is junk, just cheap and non durable junk. Their “Intel Inside” is why they are still surviving.

Why I bought a Xolo Smartphone?

Beside being a smartphone and Andriod fanatic I was faked by XOLO products. I still don’t regret it because now I have learned that its not always what you see and hear but what I regret is that I gained this experience by spending bucks from my own pocket.

The irony is that I cannot buy a new phone :( because I am a High-School guy who doesn’t make thousands of dollars, all I can do is tell the truth by this awesome means of Blogging. I have to stick with Xolo Play T1000 until I save some more money for a new phone.

Xolo Customer Care is CHEAP !! Yes, this is how I’ll rate them. They are cheap at customer support. They are trying to sell their products, they are finding customers to buy their products rather than finding products for their customers. Those people at XOLO are already trained to reply to harsh comments received by customers from across the country. You wanna take a look at their Service center where I had to go? See below –

Xolo Customer Care ,,, Customer Support Center Chandigarh

Did you see that A4 size white paper on that board. Cheers because that is all how they declare that its an authorized service center.  CHEAP!! I had to go there on 4th day of buying the phone.

What was the Problem?

There are two problems that I am facing since the day one of buying the phone, that are Overheating and the Screen going dead on occassions. I bought the phone at late night (7th of September) because that is when I get time to step out (Studies you know!) and that’s why I didn’t get much time to hang around with the phone for a while. I came back home and allowed the phone to download all the necessary apps and updates which I need (Over Wi-Fi while on charging). There was a lot of stuff to be downloaded which might have taken around 1 hour 30 minutes of continuous Wi-Fi operation for downloading apps and updates.  When I woke up after almost 3 hours I was amazed by the temperature of my phone. “IT WAS DEAD HOT”. Ignoring the temperature, I switched off Wi-Fi and removed the charger and left the phone alone to cool down. -Can’t believe that it was this hot in just 1.5 hours of charging and Wi-Fi. Well, never-mind I didn’t bother much about the problem.

So, in the morning I took my bag and left for the school. The phone was working fine when I put it in my pocket. In 15 minutes I reached school (I don’t use phone while I walk). To surprise my friends I took the phone out and what I saw? The screen was dead, just the capacitive touch buttons were working. When the phone display failed to start, all my friends were making fun of me.

When I reported the Problem!

So, after experiencing the overheating and screen not working issues again and again I decided to reach out to XOLO Customer Support. As I told you the display didn’t work only on occasions and not always so there at the service center the “Screen Not Working” issue didn’t appear. However,  the Guy at the XOLO service center made a comment about the overheating issue which was -“It is quite usual for the phone to get heated as it has such a powerful processor“. WTF!! really? (I realized about the awesomely smart and educated XOLO employees). There is a policy that the phone seller informed me of, that one can get his/her XOLO phone replaced at the service center in 7 days of buying it.

At the service center they refused to take overheating as a serious issue and the “Screen not working issue” needed me to stay at the service center for hours so that it can occur again (which I couldn’t do, I am one busy guy). After so many ups and downs they finally said – Sir, we cannot replace the phone as 7 days limit is crossed(YOU SUCK) but what we can do is send your phone to Delhi center where your issues will be resolved. However, they informed me that it can take up to 15 days for the phone to return. I said OKAY. Let it be!

The Wait and Wait and Wait!

So, I submitted the phone on 16th of September at the service center and it was dispatched on 18th for Delhi. While the 15 days period was still ON I called at the service center twice asking for the Docket number to track my package. They gave me a docket number which was an EPIC FAIL(Wasn’t Working).

Hey wait. I don’t need to type the whole story again. Below is the E-mail that I sent to a PR Manager of XOLO !

Note: This mail has been edited a bit.

Hello Sweety,
Hope you are having a great time because I am really hurt.

Note: Do not ignore this mail, read it thoroughly.
This is Arjun from “www.androidscreed.com“, you contacted me for posting reviews of XOLO smartphones.

Well, I just fell in the trap, recently I bought a XOLO Play T1000 which started troubling with Overheating and faulty screen issues. Anyways I took it as the fault of that particular piece that I bought, I went to the XOLO smart service, they were like -“We cannot help with Overheating, its normal with such a powerful hardware” (What? really? that’s actually a stupid excuse!) then I inquired about the Faulty screen as it went dead occasionally and would only come back after I reboot. Anyways, I asked for a replacement as the problems were there since the day one and it wasn’t even 5 days that I have bought the phone. They were like – “No, we cannot provide you a replacement as we cannot see the problem”:/!!

The Hell, those idiots at the service center were not ready to accept overheating as an issue and said they cannot help. But what about the Screen?
Okay, I admit that the “Screen Not Working” problem only came occasionally and at the service center the problem occurred only once, and at that time- that guy at the Service center simply rebooted my phone and said “Its working now”, – I mean what? Even I can do it! What the hell, you cannot give a permanent solution? No, they said.

All time I had a cheap experience at the service center.

All the above incidents took place before 16th of September, 2013. On 16th of September I submitted the phone to get it fixed. The guys at the service centre said- “The phone will go to New Delhi, and it can take Up to 15 days”.

I said Okay, let it be 15days. I just gave it to them and came back.

After 4 days I called at the Service center inquiring about my phone and they said they cannot help me, I need to call the XOLO Customer care number.

I did as they said; I called the XOLO Customer care no. and inquired about my Phone by giving them the IMEI number.

They said, there are no updates of any such phone. (At that moment I felt like no earth below my feet)

I called again at the service center after a couple of days just to get the same answer again.

I called the XOLO Customer care and they said the phone has been received and is currently under repairing. I said Okay. (So, at least they had my phone)

After exactly 15 days of giving my phone I called again at the XOLO Customer care and inquired about the phone and they said I’ll get the phone after 7 more days. (15+7=22days)

So, I called the XOLO Customer care again after 7 days exactly. Still they said it can take about a week. (I just had a mess in my nerves)

Yesterday, they said there is shortage of some parts which are needed for the repairing so they cannot do the repairs and it may take more time.


You are the PR Manager, take care of the case or else I have to blog about my experience with XOLO.

Mind My Words!!

Call your guys, let them know about the phone – below is the IMEI number of the phone which you can use to trace my phone in your Cheap Storage rooms.

IMEI No. : 911319450053188

Model: Xolo Play- T1000


I want the phone by 15th of October or else, I’ll start the campaign.


Editor and Writer at Android’s Creed!!

XOLO Customer Care

Whenever I called XOLO customer care number on 1800-30-100-104 all I got was the same answer- Sir, please try after seven days. ” taarikh pe taarikh, taarikh pe taarikh…  hum phone karte hai problem ke liye aur milti hai kya? TAARIKH “.

So, overall I’ll give -5 stars to XOLO Customer Care out 5 stars. Another problem is that the phone takes forever to be connect and the SMS service doesn’t work shit.

All the time even after 15 days I was polite to XOLO Customer care phone attendants as I know its not their fault but after 22+ days I really got pissed off still then I called them and inquired about the phone.

On the line, that girl said- Sorry Sir, we don’t have any update of the phone but you can try contacting after a week (DAMN!!). At that point I got some stiffness in my tone and said, I want to talk to your senior. She said he is busy on another line and is unable to attend the call. I had to wait  30 minutes on the line to talk to the Senior even then I didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

XOLO Customer Support

Two words – “IT SUCKS”.

So, as you know I sent an E-mail to the PR Manager(Sweety Pahwa) and she forwarded the information to the company and after few days on 15th of October may be I received a call from a girl named – Monika Agarwal. She asked me the docket number, IMEI number and kind of stuff and handled the info to her. Next day on 16th of October I received an E-mail from “…@lavainternational.in” in which I was informed that the phone was dispatched.

Hmm… Nice, So I received the phone after I complained the PR manager and talked with someone from the LAVA company itself:/ … What about those who don’t know about the PR manager and don’t have a blog? In fact think about those who don’t have time to tackle all this headache.

After I received the phone

Now, that I have received the phone I am still facing the same problems and I am really very disturbed. I am trying to update the Android with the official OTA update and its not happening. So, they sent me a phone after more than a month without even touching it.

I have read posts of many other people who bought XOLO smartphones and were Lost after that.

If you faced similar problems with XOLO then please do comment below and raise a voice against this mismanaged company that is not taking its responsibility seriously.

What if I didn’t buy XOLO Play? I would have bought the Google Nexus 4. It just arrived in the store near me few days back and I went their after collecting my XOLO Play from that service center.

Google Nexus 4 in the Hands of Android's Creed

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  1. GTD0 says

    Great Aricle, they are also faking us by saying it’s an Indian Brand whereas actually there products are made in Taiwan. Micromax is best in terms of price and performance ratio and also try karbonn too they make decent phones as well.

      • davekishan says

        xolo q 1000 s model ka.mobile tha..mere, pass..uski…tuch&disply..dalvane..ke..liye…care….me…mobile…diya…he…3 munth..ho gaye abhitak mobil..vapis..nai…aaya..he…ab…me…ja..kar…consumer…form..bhar…kar,,,xolo,…mobile..par..cash…kar…raha..hu…so…reply…me…fast..

    • Lost Soul says

      Situations in delhi service centres are no better but worse, I’d say. I asked them if they have any Complaint Authority, which a company is mandated to have as per law, but they simply denied of giving any address or mobile/landline no. of the same. Disgusting. How could such companies be given license to operate, & that too right in the national capital just below the nose of most proactive enforcement agencies. This inactivity is the reason for India’s declining credit wordwide. Love u, china for befooling India in such a way.

      • Jasil says

        No Man, it;s all XOLO Service center am From Cochin Kerala , Same thing happends to me also, almost 32 days over to sent service,. Still not No response from Them,, Please Aware dont go for XOLO in future, They never GIVE Value for Customer

  2. Ankit Hira says

    Hi Arjun,

    I am in the same boat as you. Its been 1.5 months that my phone is with the service center in Delhi waiting for the PCB. What I don’t understand is how a phone manufacturer cannot have the PCB for an ongoing model. I have Q800.
    Well I have decided to file a consumer court case against XOLO and I need your help regarding the same. What I need is either the address for XOLO if you can manage or the email of that PR lady you talked to.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.



      • Ankit Hira says

        Thanks for the help Arjun. I got hold of the Regional Head North of XOLO yesterday and had a detailed talk with him. He promised that my phone will dispatched by Tuesday at the max, and if its not repairable, I would be given a new phone of at par value. Lets hope he sticks to his word.
        Anyway thanks again.

      • Navdeep Garg says

        Hi Arjun,

        well all you said is so true.. this is the worst company in terms of service. I bought solo q1000s FOR 16000 used it for 15 days and it went to service centre. got back the same after 1 month and within 2 days back to service centre… got back after 45 days and within next 10 days back to service centre… till now its there only… total time i used the phone is 1 month and service centre is 4 months or so…My IMEI no is 911329850081853. also some funny sales guys are tehr wis solo like amit was an or someone.. he call me sometimes and will ask , have you got your ph? when i tell him no, he will say hold on, then after 10 sec, he will say I will call you back… call never comes back… then when i drop an email at solo care, again he will call and ask have you got your ph and repeat… this is so funny…

        solo guys/ cep Mr. Vishal seaghal plz wake up…


      • says

        Thank you so much Arjun,
        I see some Hope now. I did contacted Mr. Gorav Kapoor. He at least gave me the leads with the Contact No of the Person Who Handles the West Region. In case, If anybody belongs to the same region facing problem with Xolo customer care can contact Mr. Amit Poria: +91 7718831029

    • zakkai says

      the major problem is ihad to wait for almost 2 months for a PCB change They wait for another phones PCB so i think u will have to wait

  3. Shyam says

    Hi arjun, first of all thank you for your effort to post this blog.Before a month I decided to buy a xolo smartphone[they are telling like this], But after reading all the customer reviews especially yours changed my mind.
    Thank you for saving me and those who like me from traps of xolo[ if so]. I hope you get a better smart phone as soon as possible.
    Good work man…..

    • says

      Hello Shyam,
      good to know that you made a better decision. As a thanks if you can share this blog in your network [Facebook, twitter etc.] then it can help other people from future inconvenience….!!

      Have a good day :)

  4. vaibhav jain says

    Hi friends my name is vaibhav ihave also problem with xolo company i submitted my xolo q800 on there collection point regarding charging problem and with the information i got from there call centre it have to be repaired in 7 days but another thing happen with me i submitted my mobile 7/8/13 and in didt get any info about my till 22/8 then i call asm of xolo on 22/8 and he said me your mobile is under repair till now wait for two days i will dispatch it in that time but nothing happen and on 30/8 i called him but he didt pick my call and then i message him then after 2 hours he called me and said your mobile is dispatched on 22/8 and collected by the collection point on 26/8 and i said him on 22/8 i called u and u said tour mobile is under repair and u said my mobile is posted to collection point on 26/8 and i have a email on the same date written under repair so how u are saying that and then i said i will file a case on your company and he said in hindi jo karna hai karna kar lo hamari company pa roj case ho hai kitne hi case chal raha hai maa hi case ka liya jata hu 6 sunwaiya hogi tumhari jase tum hajri lagao gai ma bhi hajri laga lugai the people who is with can joint my page on facebook ge https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578134728916646

      • Nithin says

        Sub.: Complaint regarding poor & careless customer service
        Ref.: Work order Number: 310000365987
        With respect to above subject, I had problem with my XOLO Q800 (IMEI No. 911306750299165). So I took my phone to the XOLO Service centre (MALSA ENTERPRISES, Code 1300236, Mangalore) on 16th April 2014. It’s almost two months that I have been placed my cell for service and till now whenever I used to approach service centre I never used to receive proper response & status of my phone. On 10th JUNE 2014, once again personally I approached the service centre and asked for the status of my phone, instead of giving proper response Mr. Vivek, service centre incharge threatened of not returning the phone back and told me, ‘do whatever you want’ and also he tried to manhandle me but the technicians avoided him doing so.
        I got the area head no. Mr. Jeevithan (7411200143) who picked cal after 3 days of continuous try and thereafter even he dint respond and still am calling him and his no. is always busy.

  5. Rajan Sitapara says

    I had bought B700.. I return my phone from service without back-cover and making me sandwich between care and company. Care people say that company send it without it and company dont have data of it. My battery also get a womb, there is a curvature generate in center of it. People… there are a lot suffering same.. Let’s create a unity and start petition on change.org or any other… And save people’s money who are planning to buy XOLO phones… Dont take it lightly more than half or user are unsatisfied.. It become a case like TOYOTA in US which make TOYOTA to take all cars back…

  6. vishal says

    well i gave my phone for servicing on june 15th…after giving my phone 3 more times for servicing i got my phone untouched ….means same problem exists…last time i gave my phone for servicing on 28.08.2013…and havent got my phone back since den….more than 5 months have happened…i have raised request for refund of my money….every time xolo care escalates the request and doesnt give any update…..xolo care has left no option for me….rather going in consumer forum….dont think it is the case with me only….xolo has more than 1 lakh complaints …… so if u want to waste ur money and precious time then xolo is the right option for you

    • Rajan Sitapara says

      All people who wrote their comments please support petition on ‘http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/lava-xolo-smartphones-improve-your-product-quality-and-customer-support’ and others to sign it in who is suffering from it.

      Arjun please try to write on different group, also on your blog and share link on facebook pages including XOLO official page and try to aware all people about ur petition.Advertise it everywhere. It will create a great impact… Hit It…

  7. says

    Hey Arjun,
    Just read about your sad experience with your xolo phone. When you gave that update on facebook after buying the high graphics xolo phone, i wondered that how long would it last given the deal price with great features that it has. Seems like Indian companies cram as many features as they can in a smartphone and neglect all other aspects making a fool out of customers. Thanks for your review, i’ll never buy xolo and i’m glad i sold that lavaxolo .com domain of mine. I hope my micromax canvas fun a74 does not face a similar fate. Bye.

  8. Mohit says

    The article, though well written and serves the intention of gaining the sympathy against falling a “victim” to the poor service, can’t yet justify your decision of going with XOLO. You deserved this very treatment the moment you decided to go with XOLO. Spending 14K+ amount (that too, on a substandard device, to be more precise) and cribbing being a “poor high school student” does not go along. You acted a fool and you got what it was supposed to be – Bad product and bad service. For that amount, you could have easily gone with Samsung/Sony/LG or even Lumia devices would have been fair deal for you. But you, my dear friend, with the great Indian mind that tends to bargain out of greed, decided to go with XOLO! Now who was at the fault at the first place, you or XOLO? I certainly agree to the point raised here that XOLO/LAVA etc (included Karbonn, micromax, geonee) devices are not at all worth a thought, let alone the purchase, but what I find disturbing here is that you are trying to gain sympathy/support from the internet audience for the foolishness that you have done. What wrong did internet audience have done? Why should they be signing petition for the idiotism that you have carried on? There are lot many intelligent customers who will never buy these substandard devices, for the rest of the fools like you, even petition won’t work. XOLO and such firms have the shelf life same as shelf life of your foolishness. They will exist until fools like you are there. You are a blogger, you shed enlightenment to rest of the users over choosing mobile devices and android, and you yourself acted like an idiot. You deserved it very much Mr Arjun, you very much deserved it. Mark my words- With bad decision, comes a bad experience. So deal with it. Period

    • says

      Abe Mohit jada apne aap ko intelligent mat samaj. ek to sale tere jaise as*holes (jo india ke products nhi kharidte) ke wajase india barbaad ho rahi hai aur tu yaha pe bahot smart samaj raha ha. Samsung/HTC/LG/Sony/Nokia all are only greedy brands. They only eat your money. You think S4 is worth Rs.40K ! Its not even worth 35K nor 30K . They buy the hardware at half the price they sold. And only as*holes don’t know about this :P

  9. nishad noushad says

    Hai am nishad noushad. ihave a problem with xolo company i submitted my xolo q800 on October 18 itz an home pickup . Its been 2.5 months that my phone is with the service center (Bangalore)
    i have that xolo q800. I have decided to file a consumer court case against XOLO and I need your help regarding this
    thy care ex executive told me hand set is not repairable and handset is under warranty aloso so they told me handset is replaced and approve in 3 rd of this month bt not dispatched yet, bt xolo care told me itz has dispatched our end . i ask for traking and courier details they dont give me that and they give new replaced handset imei also (911306750006461)
    my case id is no 310000120200
    imei 911306750194911
    can you help me

  10. Amit Singhee says

    Asking Rs. 4600 for Display change of Q700 (marketed at Rs,9000), and 30-45 working days time.
    Is this a joke?

  11. stephen says

    Hi!! My name is stephen I had submitted my Xolo q800 on 01/07/2013 n till now(4/01/2013) I had not received my phone n I decided to file a case on consumer court.

  12. Farhaan bengali says

    NEVER BUY A XOLO PHONE !!! Trust me you do not want to buy a xolo phone. The phone for its price is really good but you will defiantly have a problem with the phone after 6 months of using. And once the problems start there will be no end to it. Servicing takes 30 days !! I gave my phone for servicing FOUR times ! They replaced my phone THRICE !!! And yet I do not have a working phone in my hand. When they say they will replace your phone they give you a second hand repaired phone without even changing the body of the phone !!!!
    And you will never get a proper answer from the service department !!! Never !! I wrote to the company head 20days back and yet no ones bothered to reply. So basically since the past 6 months I have been running around to get my phone working. The company really has no respect for its customers what so ever.

  13. says

    Hey Arjun,

    Great review. i was going to buy Q800 or micromax. But now I think better to buy samsung. This guys just cheat. I did had a bad experience with Zopo a chinese company.

    Quality never comes cheap. THis is learning of my life after losing 13K in smart phone.

    • says

      Yes, good quality comes with a good price :) ! Its great that you’re buying a Samsung Smartphone. You can also consider Sony, HTC or LG they have great phones too. Recently I had a talk with Xolo spokesperson and he says they acknowledge their bad after sales services and they are working on it. So, may be after few months XOLO also has everything fixed but for now it doesn’t seem to be a good choice.

      • Rahul Kothari says

        Arjun Can you provide me the mail id of PR Manager sweety or can you provide me the mail id id or contact information of senior person of lava or xolo it wold be very helpful if you provide my mobile has not received with me its 4 month over but my mobile not been repaired please this is a request provide me mail id plesase

      • sunil k Anand says

        thanks Arjun, for sharing your experience. I had a smiler issue and the customer care team have been equally stupid and irresponsible.

  14. Abhay says

    hello Arjun I am looking forward to buy a phone from xolo . My friend brought one for himself opus 1000 it is working fine almost like a year now I was thinking of buying the model q3000 It is fabulous in terms of specs Please tell me what should I do Should i buy it ? Also I have a piece of advice – Kindly make a section for registering here or a facebook page for everyone having problems with their phone we can all register and then complain together and with so many people XOLO would have to listen to us and solve everyone’s problem. hope you can do something similar to it and please give me the PR Manager of Xolo’s email id if you don’t want to show it in public then e mail me at nenabhay@gmail.com

  15. Sushant D says

    Arjun, thank you for making a good place where we (Xolo customers) can tell our stories. Xolo, you need to notice this right now else you are going to miss a good business.. “This thread is just not for us but YOU”. I would also make this visible to Mr. Sunil Raina (Business Head – XOLO).

    Okay, here is my story as of now. I didn’t go to the service center yet but I can easily guess how I am going to assist there.. but let’s give it a try. I will keep you guys updated here.

    Discussion with Xolo support on email as of now:

    Sushant D Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 1:05 AM
    To: care@xolo.in

    I am facing a lot of problems in this device while playing games and on some other times. I’ve tried multiple games like hill climb racing, temple run etc but the phone lags on every game. The buttons/peddles become unresponsive like they’re’ stuck.

    Also sometimes the phone just go off and shows only key buttons light.. Doesn’t show screen, light even after pressing the power button.

    Today the phone got switched off on its own!! And took few minutes get booting again. I want some genuine support or i would also appreciate replacing this device.

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    Thank you.

    Xolo Care Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 10:25 AM
    To: Sushant D
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your Email.

    Please reset your handset but before resetting it take back up of all the important data.

    Follow the below mentioned steps to reset the handset:

    Settings>>>Privacy>>>Factory Data Reset

    If the problem still persists, provide the below mentioned details to lodge complaint for the same.

    Complete Address:-
    Pin Code:-
    Mail ID:-
    Contact No/Alternate No :-

    For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)


    Sushant D Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 5:18 PM
    To: Xolo Care

    Okay, I will try this and will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again,
    Sushant D Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM
    To: Xolo Care

    Okay, I have tried factory level reset but unfortunately it didn’t help. It has started a new problem though. I will describe the existing problems below.

    1. The SMS notification stuck on the top notification bar even after I delete that particular SMS.
    2. Games:
    a] Subway Surfer: I just can’t play this very common game on this device. It lags when i run it on very low default settings/resolution.
    b] Hill Climb Racing: This one is also one of the most common games which I can’t play as the “BREAK/GAS” pedals doesn’t work properly.
    c] I checked with another famous game, “Dr Parking”. It showed me the same poor performance. The pedals won’t work properly, they just get stuck sometimes and get up automatically even I keep pressing the screen.

    FYI, all these games are playable very fine on my another phone (Karbonn Smart A26) which is a cheap phone (around 5500) and very basic phone comes with a lower Hardware than “Xolo A600″.

    I just bought it 10 days ago and I feel really disappointing after spending 7700/-.

    Here are the requested details: <>
    Complete Address:-
    Pin Code:-
    Mail ID:-
    Contact No/Alternate No :-

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    Sushant D
    Xolo Care Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 1:03 PM
    To: Sushant D

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your Email.

    For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)




    Sushant D Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 1:13 PM
    To: Xolo Care

    Thank you. So I will just need to talk with them on phone? Is my complaint registered? Do I have any complaint number?

    Let me know what i need to tell them. Please assist properly.


    Xolo Care Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 2:53 PM
    To: Sushant D
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your Email.

    Kindly find below our authorised service centre addresses in your region. You can walk in with your handset at our below mentioned service centre for handset repairing. Also take copy of invoice/bill of the handset along with you.





    Sushant D Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 3:34 PM
    To: Xolo Care , mediacenter@xolo.in, gorav.kapoor@lavainternational.in

    Okay, thank you! You are just telling me to go service center and nothing. You could tell me this 4 days ago. I have that information already, I know where is the local service center. I believe there is no use of this Xolo Email support then. The main issue is, this is a brand new handset I bought just 10 days ago. I have this problem from the very first day.

    I am well aware of that going to service center is a very primary step towards repairing/reporting any device.. which is I believe won’t help much but I will try that as well.

    1. You asked me to reset it to factory level, I did it but it didn’t help. You asked me to provide some information about Name, Address, IMEI etc. I had provided it.
    2. Then you just told me to call customer care.
    3. Now you just gave me service center addresses those I can get very easily on your website.

    Thanks again!
    Sushant D

    By the way “gorav.kapoor@lavainternational.in” doesn’t exist it seems as I’ve got a bounced back email.


  16. abhishek sharma says

    I’ve bought the same phone. I have same issues + battery issue. sudden battery drop..90% to 70% in 1 min.. deposited the phone in sept 13 , gt it back abt a month n half later n guess wat, the phone doesnt start.. i deposit again n den after another month, they send the phone but forget to send battery.. it takes yet another month for it to arrive. Now when i have got the phone, i try to click photos n guess wat, the cam hardware aint there..!! WTF, i go again and then the phone is gone for yet another month.. nw i finally get it in feb 14.. the original issues still exist..! Why the hell these people promise to repair the phone when they cant..! Itz like 4 people just gathered and decided to open a company..! Pathetic service, pathetic support.. but great line.. “the next level” of wat?? Logo ko ullu banane ka.. they dont do cashbacks, dont sign any legal documents, dont do any commitments, to fir krte kya ho!!!!! N nw when i’m trying to get rid of it, i cant.. cuz the resale value is next to nothing.. dunno wat to do nw.. advise..

      • Kaustav Chaudhury says

        It seems my story isnt going too different after all.purchased my new xolo play t1000 this october and surprisingly my earpiece stopped working already within 4months. Moreover I was having trouble with the network coverage for quite some time. Thought this must be a tegra chipset issue (after reading some blogs online ) Finally this February all of a sudden I lost network.And when I say no network I mean null. I tried other sim cards but to no use.
        So I went to BALAJI Enterprise ( XOLO repair center near Gariahat kolkata) .

        Center name: BALAJI ENTERPRISES
        Address:46/31/1 , OLD GARIAHAT RD KOLKATA Near Garaihat police station opposite Arambag food mart
        Kolkata Pin Code:700029
        Landline Nos:9331411566/9830022520
        Contact Person: SIDDHARTH
        Center Manager:SIDDHARTH

        They asked me to submit my phone & battery and they would need 4-5days to fix. Today it is 9th March And I havent yet received my cellphone.Called them a number of times but they keep saying they will let me know when it arrives!This is really frustrating and I am stuck without anywhere to go! I fear they may never return it and if they do gad knows when….

        Arjun ,Please suggest whom to intimate…

        Thanks and my best regards for providing a platform like this for the unfortunate ones….

        • says

          Kaustav, all I can say is wait. They will at least take 1 month. I have given phone no. of Mr. Gaurav on the top of this post. You can call and tell him the issue.

          • Kaustav Chaudhury says

            Hi Arjun,
            I can try approaching Mr.Gourav from Lava. I would like to know his designation . Is he just a representative ? Am asking this because he may simply deny hearing me out and I need something to throw at him if that happens…. thanks

  17. Kaustav Chaudhury says

    what can I say guys, The wierdest thing happened on this friday with xolo…. I called the kolkata service franchisee center to enquire about my device and they said its in Delhi waiting to be shipped. I was a bit curious as to how much time does it take to fix a phone, so next I called xolo customer care and provided my IMEI other info to check service status. And to my horror they said that my phone was ALREADY DISPATCHED from Delhi on the 5th of this month!!!! I again called up the local service centre to track my phone and they said “It takes time to reach from Delhi .Please be patient .We will let you know when it reaches us.”

    1st takes 2 weeks to fix a phone. Next It is taking 12 days to reach from Delhi????? :O

    Shame on you Xolo….

    • Kaustav Chaudhury says

      Goravs number seems to be switched off all the time ? I cant get through him neither can I approach any higher officials from Lava or Xolo. Its been almost 17 days since the phone was dispatched from Delhi and it has not yet reached Kolkata?!?!? ….I mean are they travelling by foot?

      Its of no use…calling the service center guys …shouting at them…again they are saying it will reach shortly …again I call them up ….and this goes on!

      Arjun ,can u help me on this? Can you provide me with Sweety Pahwas’ mail id? I am desperately in need of a official representative who can track this issue


      • says

        have you tried contacting Mr. Gorav?
        Be calm and tell him your problem and don’t think of “throwing something at him”. He can definitely help you.


        • KC says

          I am sure you did not understand the meaning of my expression “something to throw at him”.I said “Am asking this because he may simply deny hearing me out and I need something to throw at him if that happens…. thanks”

          All this time I am having a very difficult time getting any satisfactory answers from Xolo.From customer services to service centre,NO ONE is showing any responsibility for the mishap.I have sent emails to gorav,xolo care,customer service but have not received any reply at all.They are simply ignoring this issue. And the most disappointing thing is that the phone is here in Kolkata at the DTDC warehouse and am still unable to receive it due to consignment tax dispute.

  18. Ryan says

    Well, I (Ryan T) am Xolo’s latest victim. To cut a long long story short (and numerous phone calls with the service center and Xolo care), my X900 has been lying at a service center in Mumbai for the last 4 weeks for a problem related to the PCB/motherboard. All this while they told me that the PCB has to be shipped from Lava’s center in Noida and this will take some time. They couldnt tell me how much time though.

    The service center finally called me today to inform that the problem is fixed and I can collect it from the service center. Price – Rs. 4700 without bill and Rs. 12000 with bill. Shocked, I asked that guy to explain the difference? He said that he has used a PCB from another older phone. I called up Xolo Care to find out the actual price. They said that the price is decided by the service center and Xolo cannot do anything about it. When I insisted to speak to a senior, the associate told me that she will take up the issue with her seniors but refused to give any details. Hell ya…after-sales service at its best!!

    Guys, I want to know from you what are my options for taking up this matter legally? (Consumer court, police complain against the service center, petitions, etc). I care about my phone ( which I got for Rs. 20000 :( ) but have decided not to pick it from the service center till I expose Xolo’s pathetic service, fradulent practices and have warned enough of their future customers.

      • Kaustav Chaudhury says

        Hi Arjun,
        Got some really unbelievable update on my Xolo play . I called up Service center to get further info on the shipment on 5th March 2014 from Delhi (by DTDC) .And amazingly the reason it has been held at Kolkata DTDC office seems to be Unpaid tax!

        I mean ,is this a next door neighbour couriering stuff or a phone manufacturing international company having issues with consignment tax?

        Check out the status directly : http://dtdc.com/tracking/tracking_results_detail.asp
        REF NO: D16738820

        When I asked for any name of higher officials or concerned person who takes care of service /DTDC consignments they could not provide any info.


      • Kaustav Chaudhury says

        Can you provide me PR Manager(Sweety Pahwa)s contact details (email ) or any other concerned higher authoriy representative from Xolo/Lava? Customer care does not have a proper escalation matrix for communication.

        Neither Goravs cell number or email is working. They seem to be deactivated.

        • says

          Dear Kaustav,

          I’ve updated this post. All I can advice you to do is simply contact Mr. Gorav and tell him your issues calmly. Throw away the attitude of “Need something to throw at him”.
          His number works as I had a talk with him just yesterday.

          Best of luck!


    • says

      My phone is Under Repair Since last One year. They Never have the original parts of Their own Products. My Phone had the same Problem. Ask them for the Local ASM no. and try to meet the ASM personally.
      Possibly ask the local ASM for the replacement, and no matter what model he agrees to replace, accept it (which i didn’t, and consequently had to loose Money as well as Phone both)
      check the Consumer Forum Address below (Though, It was not really Helpful in my case). Carry Purchase Bill and the receipt which you get when you submit the phone to the repairing center.

      Mumbai Grahak Panchayat Vile Parle (H O) , Vile Parle West , Mumbai
      Phone: (022) 26281832, (022) 26209319
      Address: Grahak Bhavan, Sant Dnyaneshwar Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai- 400056, Maharashtra
      Landmark: Behind Cooper Hospital

  19. Addy says

    Hey Guys,

    i know this is slightly off topic but don’t know where else to post as this place is filled with xolo boys :D LOL
    Okay i cracked my phone’s (Xolo play T1000) screen, the display is fine though,
    1) Do you know where i can replace it in bangalore ?
    2) Is the display and the glass one set? and how much would it cost to get it replaced ?

    Thank you guys replays are much needed anf appreciated .

    PS – I think the overheating issue and the screen issue is pretty consistent with the customers, everyone i know with the same phone have reported these problems. I think we should all go to court and sue xolo. The battery heats to the point where a small explosion could take place easily. Isn’t this a safety hazard? Imagine a kid is talking on the Xolo and the phone explodes on his face . Will the company take responsibility for his delicate life? Company’s like these without any morals and values should be shot down.

    Truly an embarrassment. This phone, brand, people and everything that surrounds it.


  20. amol surve says


    I have very BAD experience with XOLO.

    I had purchased XOLO Play T1000 on 31 Aug 2013, and after 1 month period mobile gets suddenly shut down. I tried to turn it on but it’s not responding.
    Than i went to Mobile Shop ,They checked mobile and try to ON it, but they also not successful to turn on the mobile. After that they decided to replace my
    Mobile with new one.
    Thank you to Mobile shop..

    But problem not resolved , after two month mobile get hangs in using application like What’sup , in gaming, in messaging etc

    Below is the list of problem those are i Facing in my xolo mobile

    1)Touch screen not working at the time of charging.
    2)What’s up application crash.
    3)Rotation Not working.
    4)Hang in applications.
    5)Battery Backup only 4-5 Hours.
    6)When i play games, mobile get heated in only 5-10 min.
    7)Wifi not working properly.
    8)Mobile gets restart every day 3-4 times.

    After that i called xolo customer care and they suggested to visit the xolo service centre.
    i find out one xolo service centre which is in Vile Parle (W).
    1st ly they told me it’s all problem related to software , They try to Reinstall or Upgrade the Software but It’s not successful.
    They told me, Mobile not respond to software and need to send Factory/Workshop to resolve this issue.

    I had submitted my mobile to Macromobile service center on 8 Feb 2014, after complete one moth 8 March 2014 i received the Mobile. But after repairing also i have facing all same problem
    which is i was faced before repairing. Only Rotation problem is solved.

    So what’s the purpose of repairing ??
    What xolo engineer had done in this 1 month??

    Currently i have facing below problems. I have capture some problems in videos and audio’s, you can also see this recordings.

    1)Touch screen not working at the time of charging.——– see the attach video number 1.
    2)What’s up application crash.
    3)Rotation Not working.—This problem is solved.
    4)Hang in applications.
    5)Battery Backup only 4-5 Hours.
    6)Wifi not working properly.—————————————– see the attach video number 2. wifi indication icon suddenly missing…
    7)Mobile gets restart every day, 3-4 times. and crashing all OS————you must see this video. video number 3.
    8)Voice gets cracking at the time of calling————-check the Audio number 1 and 2. i have recorded this at the time of calling.

    File size is too large that’s why i have share same videos on below url. you can download and check.


    Click on agree and than download.
    file name :- Xolo_Play_problems.zip

    Let me know if your are facing any problem related this url.

    I have submitted 2 times (1st time for 1 month, 2nd time for 18 days ) mobile in service centre but problems still present.


    Amol Surve (Mobile:-9167980820)

  21. kamal says

    Yesterday I throw my xolo q700 and break it because it was not working properly. I also had a bitter experience with service center. Instead of repairing phones they increased the problems. Battery also swelling. Guys please don’t buy xolo phones. Arjun you are doing a good job.

  22. kvsingh says

    always bad in service don’t buy any Xolo products.
    I’m waiting to two months for xolo b700 battery but anything nothing available in stock in XOLO service center

  23. Mahipal Zala says

    I bought the Xolo Play T1000 from Flipkart b coz of Nvidia and i Noticed that Touch dosn’t work while i do Socket charging and third

    class Cheep Loose Socket Charger. but i ignored that all untill 2 Months… after that sudden it’s Battery Started draining(R u seriou its a gaming Phone with Poor Battery back up) and randomely Heats up, so i visited service 3 times Center at

    GoreGaon_Mumbai…but its closed and no respond on call…so i gave my mobile to This service Center:

    Brought Purchase Date: Date_20-Nov-2013
    Submiteed at Servise Centere: Date_25-March-2014
    Got mobile Back from Servise: Date_21-April-2010

    Center name: Macro Moibile
    S-29, “A”,Prime mall, IRLA Road, Vile parle(W),Mumbai
    Pin Code:400056
    Landline Nos: 9167951717
    Contact Person: Mr.Kaushik
    Center Manager:Mr. Shahbaaz

    Can u belive it This service Centeres has only 1 Mobile number no Landline Number
    And I Told them Along with My mobile can u replace my mobile battery and Charger

    They said we cant replace ur phone and said keep your battery and charger with u and when u’ll get your mobile back from the Service Centere that time we replace your battery and the Charger with new one…They gave me 15 days of ETA for this Third class servce.
    till 15th day no call from their side…after that i tried to call they are not responding my call.
    and finally after 25 days…i got my mobile back they fixed That Touch issue but Battery is draining as same and Heats up(No solution).

    They said we dont have Battery & Charger available now, we will give u when we get it from the Xolo company.regarding this complain i called Service Sentere on This Number (+911833051200) but all fake promises.

    so after all this mess i called Xolo Care and they said u have to Submit ypur mobile again to the Servise Centere…This is crazy
    So what’s the purpose of repairing ?
    What xolo engineer had done in this 1 month?

    • SUNIL says

      That guy from IRLA service center is a real bastard.. Shahbaaz. read the below to find what happened with me… currently feeling so good that I am not the only one sailing in this boat there are many of my friends… aaaaaaahhhhhh relief… & read the full story on “http://xolo-phones.blogspot.in”

      *From:* Sunil Vijay Tiwari [mailto:sunilvijaytiwari@gmail.com]
      *Sent:* Wednesday, May 21, 2014 11:46 PM
      *To:* care@xolo.in

      Dear XOLO CARE Team,

      This is to inform you that I had a pathetic service response from
      XOLO CARE, An irresponsible & manner less conversation from the XOLO
      service center IRLA Prime mall.

      I had bought this phone on 14th March 2014 (XOLO Q700S), which looks
      awesome & very promising, however on the 10th day itself I found
      dust on the camera from inside which I thought would be ok.

      When this kept increasing day by day I had reported it to the dealer
      from where I had purchased the phone (Magnet), they asked me to get
      the phone checked on 2nd floor of the same mall (Prime mall) which is XOLO CARE.
      When I went there the executive handling my case was very blunt in
      his conclusions say there is no problem in the phone, a little dust
      is ok on camera which shall be cleaned by us & the same was done not
      preventive measures taken to avoid the dust coming in, also to inform
      the dust wasn’t a little the entire lens cover was filled with dust.

      I tried to use the phone for some days & again as said there was no
      preventive measures taken the phone again started accumulating dust
      on the camera lens which again forced me to go the service centre.

      This time again the executive handling had the same words in his
      mouth & again asked the engineer to clean the dust, when I informed
      him that the same issue had arised earlier & the same thing was done
      he was asking me to let them know what else can be done in this case.
      I was really surprised with this behavior of a person who is
      representing as a techy asking me to provide him a solution. I want
      to let u know that this was also asked by the earlier techy when the
      phone was first taken to the service centre.
      Surprised to know they were so blunt & manner-lessly talking as if
      they were selling fishes on street, no professionalism no proper
      behavior which is not tolerated/accepted atleast from a person
      representing a company like XOLO.

      Finally a senior person asked the engineer to stick some cello tapes
      sticks around the camera so that the cover is fixed on it & it can
      prevent dust entering on the camera lens cover. However this was
      wrong according to person who entered later in the office (that is
      what I guess, probably manager of the senior person). Who had no idea
      how to speak to a customer he was raising his voicing to the extreme
      level & shouting me that we can do any modification & this tape
      sticking is not valid according to company policy as if I had asked
      the engineer to stick them & I had guided them to do so. He again n
      again kept on fight & at some point I found he would get an attack
      the way he was behaving, this was REALLY A WORST EXPERIENCE in my
      life in a corporate environment. I thought to call police at that
      point but somehow found the person ill & didn’t do it. He was asking
      me to give the phone to get the sticked tapes removed as this was
      against the company policy when I didn’t give the phone he had
      removed the phone on his own by putting hands in my pocket which is
      manhandling & is punishable.

      When I found him so illiterate & non-professional all asked him was
      he can remove it but what is the solution he would be giving me for
      the dust which is entering the camera, to which he was very clear
      there would be no solution given from us you can go wherever you want
      nothing would be done from our end, after which I found no point
      talking to a mad person & had to leave thinking that someone should
      be above him who could help me. Later he was not even ready to give
      the job sheet however I had to pick up the form which we fill when we
      enter the service center without the stamp as he was not ready to
      support on anything.

      I want someone to call me & get my issues clear OR let me know what
      next can be done.

      Note: Phone bill, both time report attached on mail.

  24. harsh vardhan choubey says

    I am having some battery problem… I adwise that nobody should go for a lava smartphone sorry its a idiotphone…. For my xolo q700 the battery got swollen , the 3.5 mm headphone jack not working and bad touchscreen response…… No solution from lava service centre .. Going to throw this crap and buy a galaxy or a xperia …… Xolo sucks… REALLY SUCKS….. SHOULD BE BYCOTTED..

  25. Jasiya Syed says

    I also have a xolo q700 bought it in august 2013, the front camera sucks, the battery is swollen, the speakers are pathetic (can hardly hear the phone ringing ), & I have no money to buy a new phone now!
    I need to use this phone till I have enough money to buy some good brand. Can anyone please tell me where do I get a new battery for my phone?
    I feel like I shouldn’t have trusted this brand (so called “brand”) in the first place.
    I agree with those lines Arjun ( the girlfriend one) thats exactly what’s happened to all xolo customers!
    Hope that I manage to get a new battery.

  26. namanrawat says

    I purchased xolo T 1000 play but while playing of games it heated up and also heated up in my pocket then I submitted my phone 7times but my problem not solved and now I don’t carry my phone with me due to overheating problem it may be blast.

    • shree says

      Hello guys.. am another victim of this xolo… half way thro the torture of these service centre ppl.. they are soooo dumb.. they don’t know anything other than this – “we have to send the mobile to Noida for repair. It will take 25 days max.”

      So this was my prob.. q700 model less than 6 months old. only the left portion of my touchscreen was not working. xolo secure was activated and my password was having ‘1’ as one of the 6 digits. so bcos that was on the left side of the screen i cudnt unlock my mob. screen rotation was also disabled. I tried to send commands from Hero number but it was not working. so went to the service centre in Himalaya Mall in Ahmedabad. It was past 6 (they “work” only till 6) and they were just not ready to listen to me abt the problem. As soon as they heard touch prob they said pls com tmrw and give us the phone n copy of bill. ur phone wil b sent to noida. first thing was they werent ready to listen to me only. I just had a simple question to ask these dumb ppl – what if someone forgets the xolosecure password for screen unlock. There must be some way out!!! hopeless with these ppl i took help of google. after hours of search finallyyyyyy – came to know the solution…
      My password was 123323 so i was sending sms from hero number as follows so i sent “123323 LOCK 369369″ so that there r no digits in left side of screen.. but it was not happening.. then after hours i found the solution from http://relict.blogspot.in/2013/06/xolo-secure.html .. its like this so this original pin is not the screen unlock password that u forgot or like in my case but the pin that you entered when u configured xolo secure (lucky if y remember!!)…and yessss my mob was unlocked!!!! .. i badly wanted to unlock it before sending to these service centre ppl bcos i really dont trust them how they ll misuse my contacts n data in apps… then i could not factory reset from my mob bcos xolo secure had disabled soft n hard reset.. so i sent WIPE 369369 from hero number and reset the mob after taking back up.. now i hav to undergo the remaining torture from these service centre guys.. i dont have much hope that they ll resolve the issue of touch.. :( :( may b i have to go for a new mob…but not definitely xolo… lets see…

  27. Kunal says

    Thanks Arjun……Your blog helped alot. I have face almost same pron as u did.
    Atleast had a conversation with P R Manager lets hope my prob gets resolved apparently.

  28. chandu says

    Hey Arjun the email Id you provided isnt working and the phone is always switched off.Can u help us out with any other xolo officials contact info

  29. Vishal J says

    DONT BUY ANYTHING from XOLO – the most pathetic, fool, stupid, rude and useless company.
    I dont understand why they are selling their phones… ?? a completely NON SENSE

  30. abden says

    i posted the complaint below at the xolo care site.

    dear whoever’s listening -_-
    ,i purchased the xolo q2ooo model in december…in the month of may i found some issues with the display…slim pink lines started appearing on the display.
    i contacted the customer care people and they said that i should visit the service centre.I took their advice,and did so….the place didnt seem much of an authorised centre, i still have my doubts -_-…. i submitted my earfones which were malfunctioning as well..when i showed them my fone i was told a software reset will be done..i said ok…that didnt seem to work though.
    so they said the employees/workers/staff (whoevers working there) would check it out,as said they did check it out.but couldnt repair it.i was told it will have to be sent to the factory(delhi)…for repairs.
    i filled out a form which looked like a simple photocopy of another form -_- …..and then submitted my phone…i was told to come back after 15 to 20 working days,,,so i did come after around 17 days and three days later again…then on 15th of may my father himself had to inquire instead of the employees informing us.
    i was troubled like this a bit…due to the annoying service…
    but what pissed me off the most was that
    U people repaired the screen,,,but replaced my 13MP camera with one of a lower resolution -_- .
    i want new or original parts to be replaced by the old ones or have it replaced asap.

    i’ll b meeting them day after tomorrow on 19 /05/2014…. lets hope everything works out well :(……what should i do if things dont go as planned….i am a bit hot headed and may wreck the place in a fit fit of rage -__- :)

  31. Mahesh Kumar says

    Sorry to say your service level is very poor. xolo do not care their product after selling. Unfortunaly i am the owner of below mentioned xolo product with all the relevent details.

    IMEI NO. 911360650352574
    IMEA NO. 911360650352582
    S/N A500C014A0017629

    The pathetic service experience problem story start with the phone in the last month of march. First time visit to xolo service center laxmi nagar on 27-3-2014 . The reported issue ( camra ) was not solved and again phone was submit to same service center on 29-3-2014. from here onwards we feel that we had purchase the worng brand.

    we received our phone on 8-4-2014 but found that the reported issue has not been solved unwillingly submitted the phone to service centre again.

    On 18-4-2014 the same issue very bad service level by xolo. by this time we felt that the xolo brand itself is junk. neither their product is good nor their service. any how its my hard earn money so helplessly again submit the same to service center.

    On 2th of may 2014 once again we got a call from service center that our phone is ready. I was very surprise how this time a unprofessional company has rectified my issue. Any how i am very happy to see this but my happiness has gone by the same evening as the reported problem has been rectified but other has started. now my phone touch screen stop responding. Got a lot of voice from my wife as this super idiot phone belong to her.

    ON 6-5-2014 I a crushed, cramp , full of frustration, wnet to service center ( where according to me all are the trainees has been appointed and they are learing how to act with the customers and their products).

    The same xolo super phone has been submit to the royal company of xolo.

    Finally we received the phone call on 15 may 2014 that our idoit phone has been repaired .
    Yesterday we visited the super service center for the delivery of the phone and found a new problem in the phone . THE PHONE IS PHYSICALLY DAMAGE.

    WE REFUSE TO TAKE THE PHONE. Your service center people advise us sir this can be repaired and you can use this. Why should we use a physical damagae phone.

    Wwe try to speak to someone senior people in the xolo toll free number but everything went in vane. Personally I feel that XOLO should stop selling his product as you are good for nothing.

    Let me know to whom i speak for the resolution of the same.

    ( who spread the news that XOLO is world class phone.) bullshit…..

  32. Nash says

    @abden,i am facing the same display issue in my xolo a500s ips,there are nearly 10-15 slim line in pink nd yellow.my mobile is just 6 months old.Do they charge for replacing the display under warranty period?if so,how much do they charge? And how much time do they take to repair? I am from chennai.

    • abden says

      hey nash,they’ll repair your display free of charge if its under warranty…..your happy right :) …well u shudnt be; cuz they “may” change other parts of your fone,i had my 13 mp camera replaced with one of a lower quality.

    • mahesh says

      you go and submit the phone to xolo cae center they should replace disply screen free of cost.free of cost.

  33. Jai says

    I have purchased xolo Q700i Its Gps is not working . I have contacted customer care and service center they told all this model is having same issue . Please give me a suggestion how can i fix it

  34. Reyaz says

    Xolo is totaly froud company na he iska ph acha hai na he service acha bas tarikh pe tarikh dete hai ye company 2month pehle xolo q1000 opus purchase kya aur imei:911351000457940 workoder no:310000409641 20days se service centre pe pada hai jab call karo kehta proccecing me. jis ko xolo phone lena ho le sakte but purchase karne k baad service centre pe rakhna padega use ni kr payega.

  35. Sahil says

    Can i have the xolo’s managing director’s or any top managementmanagement person’s id… ???????????

    Seriously the services are pathetic

  36. Saswat says

    I was thinking of buying a XOLO Q3000 for Rs 17,000 at the nearby mall. Given the spec score, it appears to be superior to many other mobile phones (even +5000 rupees its value).
    But after reading all these reviews, I am uncertain regarding what 2 do..

    So do ya guys advice I opt for other brand?

  37. says

    sir, even i had given my xolo q900 to service center on 23rd april at Xolo service center at Prime mall,Irla, Mumbai… and now it is 2nd june.. i repeatedly keep calling the service center but they dont pickup and mostly the lines r unavailable.. And fortunately when they pick up.. they say it is not there.. call after 1week.. i even called xolo customer care and they said my phone was dispatched on 15th may.. its been more than 1month now.. i really need some help.!!!

    • says

      That is really sad! Bro, I must Xolo is one bad example of a company. Please try taking help from Akosha : Visit their Website: www. akosha .com !


    Dear ARJUN,,I read ur story .I had lots of problems with my XOLO 1000..I mailed my complaint to GORAV KAPUR which was rejected.His cell no.is not reachable. I have complained to xolo carebut they have not replied..I would appreciate if u reply

  39. Aditya Ghosh says

    Totally agree , xolo phones suck ,i was duped of my savings .Now i am in total dispair !! i dont have a spare phone !! But glad to see a large group of people who were fooled just like me !! Good day suckers

  40. arjun says

    Colo s an worst cell Wch I ovr used its has lots f problems at begning itself I faced touch screen prblm n I gave fa service aftr receiving ma cell in a month its gtng prblm agn n nw a days cell s gtng hang a lot n its gtng very heat took its an worst company thy r d cheaters dnt buy it… Thy dnt have prpr service toooo… Bloody fuck cell waste f money fa ths…

  41. says

    Its been One Year, I’ve given My Xolo X-900 to the customer care which died within 3 Months from Purchase. I had to wait for almost four months with their useless replies such as Phone Under repair and then finally to request for Refund, where as they have a Policy In case If the Phone Issue Is not resolved within 15 Days Customers can ask for Refund. Till Date I have Not Received my damaged phone or The refund against It. Crap customer care system. their Executives are not even capable enough to co ordinate with the Head office staff. Buying Xolo Phones is like Forceful Donation made To Lava against the Purchase of a Trash Box (Xolo Mobile Phones).
    Such a Shame for an Organization like Lava.

  42. siddharth says

    Xolo sevice centres have improved a lot now, with new staffs and above 190 care across India. Now they are resolving issues soon or in spot (lava does on spot)…I can’t say exactly whether its happening all over India, but In Bhubaneswar both lava n xolo services are very good n satisfactory.

    • rajnikant says

      bhubneswar center sucks as other service centers. the person at G3 communications is GOPAL, he charged me 600/- for the bad product xolo has provided i.e swollen battery .and in only 3 6 months the battery swelled it could have been exploded anytime. customer care center said the battery will cost around 400/- but the bhubneswar service center took almost double.and now customer care has no replay for action of the service center person. so xolo and its service centers are systematically looting all the customers. another day i saw TIMES NOW channel , xolo is sponsoring a show hosted by Arnav Goswamy . now my request to Mr Goswamy that he can have better sponsor as his is a hit show . so times now may consider dropping this type of sponsor

  43. sivaramakrishnan says

    I purchased xolo q800 on 24.4.2013 through ebay. my phone suddenly stopped working on the bottom part of touch panel. But I have no service centre in Palakkad, Kerala. hence I contacted my nearest service points at Calicut & Cochin in Kerala & coimbatore in Tamilnadu. Only the cochin service centre attended my phone. other two not even attended the phone call. I tried for two days but in vein. The phone number available with xolo Web site of F1 solutions pvt. ltd. coimbatore is fake. The calicut service centre attended on the third day and replied negatively. So people do remember while buying the Xolo product. you have no service point, the xolo care is not caring.The worst service centre I have ever seen in Xolo care. The xolo should concentrate only on selling, they are not taking initiative to widen their service network. even after one year elapsed, since I purchased, they have the same service centres.Once again i remind my fellow friends do remember xolo have no proper service network. If my phone got repaired I have to go almost 178 K.M. from my home by spending a working day plus another Rs.500/- for travelling and Rs. 2000/- as repairing charges, according to our Cochin Service centre.

  44. Amit Dazz says

    I purchased q1000s 4 months back haven’t faced any problems.Yesterday i dropped the phone accidently & the front face part got scratched.Screen is looking good,but the rim of the phone has some serious scratches.I am thinking to change the body of the phone.Will the xolo service centre do that??
    How much will it cost??

    • says

      Can’t say, they don’t have anything as standard.
      Well, give money get service is the case here.
      You have to visit the service center yourself.


  45. Pranav Mittal says

    same problem i am facing right now xolo tegra tab, it has been a month they have kept it but no solution yet.

  46. talha says

    My xolo q1100 touchpad was broken … they took about 1 month …. n when the phone camr back to me… the touch pad was not properly set…. so I sent it again… now they took 15 days…. n when it again came back…. the xolo engineer made my screen corner black ( pixel dead) n again I sent it…. n now they r not giving me any response that what repair I will get….
    Help me pls…

  47. Sudharshan. T says

    This xolo service centers r bakwas i brought Xolo Q700 my little daughter broken the display just 15days old phone my residence in udupi karnataka state, i came bangalore for display change then they told me to it will take 45 days and cost is Rs 5400/-, i agree for that after 45 days i asked that service center what happened my phone they there is no stock give us a another 15-20 days this time also i agree after 15 days they still telling no stock. the xolo phones are very gud but customer service is very very too bad still iam looking for that Q700 display if its available please call me on 08553373339. iam waiting from Last year Sep-2013 to till date. please some 1 help me for searching Q700 display.

  48. shobith says

    I bought Xolo Q1100 and finally i feel iam gone…This was my bad decision after 2 months of searching and last i arrived in Xolo. My bad decision and bad luck. My Headset is giving buzzing sound while making calls,Cell broadcast issue is appearing. While i called their CC they are telling to go to service centre which is very few and while i went there i saw few people and in first sight itself i came to know that if i give my phone there that will be damaged because they dont know where to connect hedset and and how to check phone because thay are just kids. Regarding Cell broadcast they are telling the same and finally i came to know that iam speaking to some stupids. And the SAR is in higher side which is 1.6 and as per Government standards it is in border line. Now iam gone completely and i have wasted my money in xolo..my bad luck..If any one going to buy xolo please dont buy..

  49. Shibnath Paul says

    I am also a sufferer of Xolo B 700 disease. I brought this phone just because of its battery. It is a worst mobile I have ever used. Most of the time its stayed at Service centre. I had to wait for neary 2 months for battery. Battery quality is also not good. I lasted for 9 months. Touch quality is worst.Don’t buy this Xolo.

  50. Jasil says

    I am also a VICTIM of XOLO. I have never seen Such a stupid service experience in my life. XOLO people only care about sell not service. I bought a XOLO Q 1000 mobile on last year september, after 9 months phone not working i have given service in XOLO AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER IN COCHIN. After one month also there is not response from them i have checked several time with XOLO customer care and service center getting same replay. Please Aware all don’t go XOLO at any cost.

    Does anybody know XOLO southern india Service HEAD phone number or mail ID

    • buntu chandel says

      If any body want to buy a xolo phone think 100 time again.. think xolo is the waste of money and also u give a danger of ur own life.
      Friends mera xolo phone 2 din k baad he haath me blast ho gaya.

  51. bunty chandel says

    I m bunty chandel.i have purchase a xolo q 1000 opus on 12 june 2014 from delhi..but after 2 days when I will charge the phone the phone has blast in my hand and my some fingers have been burnt.when I m go to service cantre they tell me if u want to repair ur phone u will be paid for this..o friends xolo is a 3rd class phone and its customer care is too 3rd class..so friends plz dont purchase any xolo phone if u love ur life.

  52. buntu chandel says

    Xolo is the 3dr class phone.. 3 din baad mera phone hath me blast ho gaya sala isse ghatia ir phone kya hoga..plz koi mat lena xolo mobile…my no is 9211352283.

  53. rajesh galani says

    my xolo q1000 1.5 mahine se repair me he pleash noida servish center me koi to help karo nahi to mereko grahak suraksha me case karna padega

  54. riyasat says

    Hi varsha
    i had contacted amit poria too
    but disgusting guy
    he just gives fake commitments only
    my xoloq 1000s is made dead by their own service centre guys only and still my cell is in company from 1.5 month no ome really cares we need to contact now to zonal service manager whi controls two states
    my mobile number is 8866868995 if u gets any helpful info plz let me know so we can solve our issue

    • says

      Don’t Panic Riyasat. When did you speak to Amit Poria?
      Even I’m Following him on calls for my phone since 6th June, and my phone’s issue is pending since last one year.
      May be Arjun could suggest us better what to do next.
      What do you say Arjun, what can be done next? cuz whenever i speak To the guy he always says that he has forwarded the issue and it will be resolved soon and since many cases are pending it is taking longer for them to get to the matter.


      • says

        Forget about the issue will be resolved ever in your life.. I have gone made with their services… I have also shared my experience with these people.. Buy a new brand of mobile and keep spreading the awareness about this ridiculous company so that no-one else faces such issues.

  55. KM says

    XOLO after sale service is pathetic, i will not recommend anybody to buy any phone from this company. phone submitted on 7th June – camera not working but till the time no resolution. whenever i call service center or customer service, they gave same answer – phone is under repair & it will take another 10 days. Don’t buy XOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  56. Saurabh says

    Monday, April 28, 2014 11:03 AM
    To: care@xolo.in
    Subject: Xolo Q700 Battery

    Hello Team,

    My Xolo Q700’s battery is swollen.
    I’ve tried contacting all your authorized service centers in Pune, but no one has this battery.
    Infact this battery is not available online also.

    I had recommended this phone to more than 100 people.
    And many of them have actually bought it also.

    This is the first time I’m facing any problem with this mobile, and currently wandering without any care or support from your end.

    Please tell me where can I buy its battery ?
    I don’t want to carry a dangerous battery with me.

    And if ‘You’ don’t have any answer on this, then please provide me the next ESCALATION POINT.

    Thanks & Regards,


    On Saturday, May 3, 2014 9:24 AM, Xolo Care wrote:

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your Email.
    Inconvenience regretted, we have escalated your concern to our backend team. We will get back to you ASAP.
    For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)



    Sent: 26 June 2014 10:35
    To: Xolo Care
    Subject: Re: Xolo Q700 Battery

    It’s been two months.
    Can I get a quick update on the progress of this request ?

    Thanks & Regards,


    Sun, Jun 29, 2014 4:38:15 AM

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your Email.

    Inconvenience regretted, we have escalated your concern to our backend team and we would also request you to stay connected with our service center team.

    For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)



    On Sunday, June 29, 2014 11:15 AM,

    This is EXACTLY the same reply which you had given to me two months before.
    I’m already in touch with couple of service centers of yours in Pune.
    They are suggesting me to buy the battery from rediff or similar sites and not to wait for official xolo customer care.
    Now how GREAT and AWESOME is that ???


    Sent: 30 June 2014 21:40
    To: xolo care

    Please provide me an appropriate and a valid escalation point to whom I can contact regarding this.
    I am fed up of hearing and reading these standard templates.
    It’s a request. :(

    Thanks & Regards,


    On Wednesday, July 2, 2014 11:01 AM, xolo care wrote:

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your Email.
    Inconvenience regretted, we have escalated your concern to our backend team. We will get back to you ASAP.

    For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)



    To xolo care, gorav.kapoor@lavainternational.in, Vishal.Sehgal@lavainternational.in
    2 July 2014 at 7:58 PM

    Are you serious ? :O
    Can you even read ?

    Where exactly is your backend team locating ?
    On Mars ?
    Because had they been living on earth, they would have called me or resolved my query in past 2-3 months.
    Why don’t you read my my e-mails properly ?
    I’ve requested you not to give me a standard template.

    I mean come on, I know, you can do a lot better than that.

    I have never used these kind of words for any customer care in my life.
    In-fact I’m feeling very bad at the moment, because Xolo is the same company whose mobiles I used to recommend to my friends.
    And many of them have bought it.

    What I got in return ?
    A standard copy-pasted e-mail template ?

    The emails mentioned in the CC are the emails I found on Google.

    @ Gorav ji & Vishal ji
    From the domain name of your email address, you guys seem to be from the high level management of Xolo.
    I literally beg you to take your time and read the whole email conversation.
    I also beg you to solve my problem. :(

    Thanks & Regards,



  58. rajesh says

    Xolo customer care is the worst service i have seen in my life.Never ever go for xolo phone.I have submitted my phone in nearest service center on May 5th till now there is no response from the customer care people nor from the service point people.Even now also i didn’t get my mobile

  59. says

    One more bitten by Xolo (suarez) : I Purchased a xolo Q900 in April and on 7th of May the Phone got dead. I submitted the phone to Customer Care at Pune, they assured me that I would get the phone back in 21 days. Now its nearly 2 months the only answer I get is “We would get back to you ASAP”

    .I thought Micromax was Pathetic, by they gave back my sisters phone within 1 month.
    I have decided in my life I would never ever buy a Xolo Phone.
    If anybody has any new contacts, please share, in case I get any I would share here

    Ajay Godbole

  60. Gurmeetsingh Singh says

    I TeJ BAHADUR Singh from Jammu brought a new XOLO 1010i at a cost of 12800
    cash on 25/4/2014. on 26/4/2014 I find a spot at the left upper corner of
    the screen .Then I go to XOLO service center and said that D.O. my set and
    they said that its a minor fault not a major fault . I am not satisfied on
    my efforts they agree for the D.O. of the set. They said that the server is
    down (or not working ) and come on next day i.e.27/5/2014
    On the next day they again said that the issue of
    Third day the same problem
    Then on next day they took my IMEI no and said that the date is
    over for D.O. (i.e. one day above the last day ) not tell me that what is my
    fault I came to service center from last three days .solve my issue
    otherwise I will go to the consumer court because the spot is increasing day
    by day.
    I am suffering from last one m

  61. kunwarpreet says

    I have purchased a xolo Q800 on 11.09.2013 and a problem of camera arosed within few months only.Then i went to customer care center of your company located at Laxmi nagar,Code-8071 and submitted the phone for the repair on 13.05.2014.
    My workorder no. is 310000427255.
    I have contacted the centre many times but never got a positive response.Its been around 45 days and my phone has not been returned to me.No help has been lended by your company ,i have even wrote on your facebook page but no one replied.
    Due to your irresponsible behavior i have lodge a complaint in a consumer forum and complaint no. is 520309.Its high time you respond to my complaint and give back the repaired phone otherwise i will go to the consumer court.
    and today on 7-7-14 i received the set back from the centre but the imei no. of the phone didnot match .
    even the body of the set is damaged .the centre says the imei no. has been swapped and the previous phone has been recycled.
    how can this be done before any prior intimation and if the phone has been replaced the new set should have been given rather than the set that is old and in bad condition.
    there has been very irresponsible behavior from your side.i want that my issue should be resolved or i will take forward the complaint lodged against you. contact -9999283834

  62. Manav says

    I had purchased Panasonic P51 in September, 2013.

    (1) Panasonic does not have anything to do with the development of this or any other Panasonic BRANDED phone being sold in India. It has simply reached an agreement with a domestic company (Jaina Marketing Associates) to make use of the Panasonic BRAND and trick people into buying its phones. Panasonic BRANDED phones themselves are not so bad; they are good phones, but the problem is the lack of availability of spares/components, which means that once your phone gets broken, it can never be fixed by anybody in India, unless you yourselves import the necessary spare part from China/Singapore/Taiwan.

    (2) Jaina Marketing Associates (the same company that markets Karbonn phones) is involved in the sales, marketing and after sales service of Panasonic BRANDED phones.

    (3) Jaina’s sales and marketing network is very efficient (they are too good at selling their phones) but it’s after sales services are equally inefficient. Your Panasonic phone will rot at the service centre for weeks and then months because Jaina doesn’t bother to import any spares/components for Panasonic BRANDED phones)

    (4) In return for allowing Jaina Marketing to use it’s brand-cum-logo on these cheap, imported Chinese phones, Panasonic gets a share in the profit that Jaina Marketing earns from selling these phones to unfortunate people like me.

  63. Soyab Mansuri says


    This is to inform that i have purchase on . Even with very minimal use the mobile has got problem and I submitted it to your service center on for repair.

    The mobile is under warranty still they forced me to pay for repairing charges. Even after more than one month the mobile is not repaired.

    I am continiously calling and visiting the service centre for mobile and wasted so much of my precious time in follow up, but still no one is responding for my issue.

    This is showing how you are cheating people, by selling bad quality of products and then charging for its repair under warranty and then wasting money and time of customer by not giving solution or any kind of response.

    Now i have decided to forget the mobile. I don’t care about the money i paid and will file complaint in Consumer forum. I will also post this to Facebook and other website and make it viral over internet and say people never purchase any XOLO product.

    I am giving you last chance to correct your mistakes and look into the matter, and do the needful at the earliest. Otherwise get ready to enjoy the game.


  64. Amit N says

    Hi, I just spoke wth Amit Poria, Business Unit Service Manager for South and West at Xolo mobiles abt my XOLO Q700 its only few months old and got problems like Left side Touch not working, Hangs n Lags and heats up too much. The battery also got swollen. I told him abt my experience wth Service center Both locations in pune wherein the 1st one asked me to submit the phn and wait for a month as thy hv to send it to Noida for repair & 2nd one told me tht touch pad part is not available due to shortage frm manufacturer xolo for Q700 models n will tk more thn 2 to 3 months to get it. Wow i was shocked, COULDN’T BELIEVE… this for real…
    So I discussed ths wth Mr. Poria n told him all these issues I faced also ur service center @ viman ngr pune was shiftd to new location bt ur company website still has old address mentioned which is not excepted, with all these issues mentioned here in ths forum by all users he replied, said ok thr are sum probs and company is workin on it to improve customer satisfaction. he insist me to handover my phn @ service center n he shall tk it further frm thr, he again assured me to submit the phn 1st @ service center n experience i said ok nw tht u assured me lets Gamble for 1st n for last time. I also askd for replacement phn till i get my phn back aftr repair. on ths he said he will check if replacement is available thn thy will provide me same. So thts my story so far….

  65. ASHISH says


  66. Pritish says

    Nice article. i am also having problem with my xolo q1000. my xolo phone shutdown randomly and sometimes it also restarted while working and hang is the main prblm. I went to service centre & i repaired it for 6 times for different problems like front speaker dead, shutdown randomly etc. I am now fed with my phone i want is to replace my with a new model. And my model is stop manufacturing. So please can you help me.

  67. Bala Ganesh pandian says

    Plz assist me guyz i m in a dillema whether to buy xolo q1010i or moto g???or suggest any gud anroid phone below rs.14000

  68. Monark says

    I had problem with touch screen with my xolo q700 in 6 months
    Xolo care service very bad.. no response even after 36 days. service center says to call customer care and customer care says to contact service center

    i do not suggest to buy any xolo phone in future, as they are very poor with after sell services.

  69. nishant says

    Hi dear the story is same with all users of xolo phone . I gave my phone for repair on 28 june 2014 and got my phone fixed today 27 june 2014 after one month , hopefully you will get your phone as well . cheers

    • Mahesh kumar says

      doing this exercise from march 29 2014 onwards not able to get solution so far advise not to advise your near dear to buy this xolo phones. at all

  70. Mahesh kumar says

    Dear xolo

    my IMEI NO. IS 911360650352574. mY ORIGNAL SET WAS IN WHITE COLOR AND PURCHASED ON 18-02-2014.






  71. pankaj says

    please never buy Xolo phone its better to go for chinese phone after sale service of xolo is very very poor ,just drop your phone to service center and forget for minimum 30 to 40 days and even then not sure about problem .

  72. Indranil Chatterjee says

    I regret to buy XOLO Phone. This is the first time without going through the review I simply bought base on the word of my trusted electronic shop and Its my greatest blunder in my life. Below mentioned mail and letter written to Xolo Customer Center is self explanatory. Mail sent on 31.07.2014 morning followed by letter by Registered post. To my surprise till date no one bothered to call me to address the issue, which clearly shows there is nothing called Customer Support in Xolo. Guys I am going to

    By Registered Post
    Date: 31.07.2014

    The Head Customer Support
    Xolo Customer Care
    A-56, sector 64,
    Noida – 201 301

    Sub: Request to refund the money against the defective handset Model Xolo A500S, IEMI no 911328852077679

    Dear Sir,
    With reference to the above, please note that I purchased the handset from your authorized retail shop “New Abracadabra”, Galleria, Powai, Mumbai on 11/5/2014. However I actually started using the said handset after almost 5-6 days after I purchased, on getting new connection from RCom.
    To my surprise the touch screen stopped working since 3rd July 2014 (which is within less than 45days) and immediately next day i.e. on 4th July, I took it to the same retail out let and they said that, they need to take it to the Service Centre located at Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Same was given to the service Centre on 7th July 2014 and the job card for the same was received from the Customer Support Center.
    Since then almost every 3rd day I started following up with the same retail out let “New Abracadabra” and failed to even get an estimated date of resolution. As I know this outlet for last few years and have bought many gadgets from them, I know they will sincerely follow up with your customer service center, and they were doing the same but were helpless to give a proper reply to me as they were not getting any feedback from your customer care center. From them and also other users of Xolo handset, I understand that there are many such issues with Xolo handsets and on top of that your customer handling and support is pathetic.
    Finally “New Abracadabra” last week told me that as per your company’s policy, Customer Care has confirmed that if the phone is not repaired and returned by 27th July, 2014, Xolo will give a new handset. They further said that as there are so many problems with Xolo, they even had a meeting with Xolo management team recently and same was assured to them.
    As the same was not repaired and returned nor did I receive any call till yesterday afternoon, I visited the shop in the evening and to my surprise I came to know that in-spite of repeated follow ups nothing has happened so far. Even they called and spoke to someone from Xolo support and requested to confirm DOA so as they can issue a new handset, but as they didn’t got any confirmation, couldn’t helped me much and I had to come back as usual once again.

    First of all I am really disgusted and unhappy about the poor quality of Xolo handsets. Me and my family are using or used many handsets of different makes and models, has neither faced such poor quality issue nor faces any manufacturing defects so far. And on top of that such a horrible customer support and harassment, has put us in serious doubt, if we have done a blunder buying Xolo handset.
    As such, without any further delay, would earnestly request you to direct your retailer/ customer care to refund my money within next 48 hours. I don’t want to use such a horrible handset and experience further poor and pathetic customer support.
    In case I don’t receive the same as mentioned above, I will bound to take it up with consumer forum and will also put up my experience in all social media.
    Copy of job card enclosed for your reference.
    Appreciate your response and action immediately.

    Best Regards
    Indranil Chatterjee
    +91 9320089516

    Cc: M/s New Abrakadabra, 70, Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai – 400076
    Cc: To, The CEO, Lava International Ltd, A-56, Sector – 6, Noida – 201 301, UP

    • Mahesh kumar says

      you can do anything cry, request or anything else these bugger does not listen to you at all. Their moto is sold the defective material and earn their profit. customer will go to hell.

    • Mahesh kumar says

      hi guys here is my story

      Mahesh Vaid
      12:21 PM (21 minutes ago)

      to xolo

      Another blind service from xolo care after one month. I am too in service industry (IT) from last 20 year but never seen such kind 3rd class service by any company.

      if some one can tell us the director email id or his postal address.


      From: Mahesh Vaid [mailto:vaidmahesh@gmail.com]
      Sent: 22 July 2014 15:04
      To: xolo care
      Subject: Re: Unprofessional approach towards service or solve the customer issue.

      Dear xolo

      my IMEI NO. IS 911360650352574. mY ORIGNAL SET WAS IN WHITE COLOR AND PURCHASED ON 18-02-2014.




      From: Mahesh Vaid [mailto:vaidmahesh@gmail.com]
      Sent: 19 July 2014 15:57
      To: care@xolo.in
      Cc: director@xolo.in

      Subject: Unprofessional approach towards service or solve the customer issue.

      yes above symbols came into my minds why i bought XOLO brand phones and advising my friends to buy also. Radiculas and disgusting service provided by your company.

      After 36 days received a call from f1 service center laxmi nagar to collect the phone. Xolo people are so dull or a color blind they had send a black color phone in the repair or replacement of a white phone.
      The condition of the repair and replacement phone is so bad it cannot be acceptable at all where as my faulty super phone is white.

      I would request rather than begging you kindly send me faulty phone back to me and oblige . i am feed up with this name xolo and its concern company lava also.

      i shall appreciate if this replacement can be done in shorter period.




      Mahesh Vaid
      Jul 19

      to press

      for your reference.

      Jul 19

      to me

      Dear Sir,

      We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.

      In response to your query we would like to inform you that kindly contact on the below mention contact number.

      1800-3010-0104 Xolo Care

      If you need any assistance or clarifications, please feel free to contact our Customer Care no 1860-200-7500 (Working Timings-10:00am to 7:00pm: Mon-Sun).

      Kind Regards,
      Lava Support.

      Mahesh Vaid
      Jul 8

      to care

      hi XOLO

      Thanks for making such a boring product at your end and you enjoyed with xolo customer money and they die by running to and fro to xolo service center.

      Kindly update me the status for the of my phone. enclosing the job sheet.




      Attachments area
      Preview attachment scan0007.pdf


      Mahesh Vaid
      Jul 14

      to care

      remainder one

      really i have not seen such type of bad service level from any company in last 20 years.

      Attachments area
      Preview attachment scan0007.pdf


      Mahesh Vaid
      Jul 15

      to director


      kindly go through below mail . tired from service level of your company.




      ———- Forwarded message ———-
      From: Mahesh Vaid
      Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 3:36 PM
      To: care@xolo.in

      hi XOLO

      Thanks for making such a boring product at your end and you enjoyed with xolo customer money and they die by running to and fro to xolo service center.

      Kindly update me the status for the of my phone. enclosing the job sheet.





      Attachments area
      Preview attachment scan0007.pdf


      xolo care
      Jul 16

      to me

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for your Email.

      Inconvenience regretted, your handset is still under repair and we have also forwarded your concern to our concerned team. We will get back to you ASAP.

      For further information, kindly call our toll free helpline 1800-30-100-104 (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm)



      http://www.xolo.in |Contact Us. 1800-30-100-104 (Toll free) |SMS No. 9650444477 |

      From: Mahesh Vaid [mailto:vaidmahesh@gmail.com]
      Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 8:06 PM
      To: care@xolo.in

      remainder one

      really i have not seen such type of bad service level from any company in last 20 years.

      ———- Forwarded message ———-
      From: Mahesh Vaid
      Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 3:36 PM
      To: care@xolo.in
      hi XOLO

      Thanks for making such a boring product at your end and you enjoyed with xolo customer money and they die by running to and fro to xolo service center.

      Kindly update me the status for the of my phone. enclosing the job sheet.





  73. says

    Even my Xolo q100 touch screen has suffered after 1.2 years, now after reading this, I am thinking whether or not should I send it to service center.
    Is it possible to get it replaced at some other service center.?

  74. deepak says

    have bought a Xolo Q3000 phone in the month of Jun 2014, for first 10 Days it work fine and then it will start giving different problem. finally i take my xolo phone to xolo customer Service care centre at jalandhar as on 3 july 2014. They have given me the estimated 10 days time to get my phone repaired. Its already 33 days still they have’nt given my phone back. I have call and mailed to regional head xolo and also to CEO of xolo still there is no response from them. Job sheet no : 310000552172

    Details when I Contact xolo compay and not get any status of my hand set

    To Service center on 0181-5052500 (40-50 times)

    To your Customer care on 180030100104 ( 30-40 times)

    Mailed you at care@xolo.in (10 times)

    SMS my IMEI No. on 9650444477 ( 2 times)

    Contact your website (50 Time)

    Contact to your Asm on 8437711009 (30 times)

    With regards

    Deepak Kumar


  75. Ankush says

    hi arjun… its ankush. i had xolo X1000 it worked well for almost 9 months with some small problems ( network goes down for 2 days continuously, to get it back i had to switch it off and on ) later even my phone use to get off suddenly, even if the battery showed 70 %. i gave it in a service center… they took 1.5 months to return my phone back. while this my condition was same as yours. i though i lost my phone they took it. But hopefully i got a phone in replacement thats xolo play T1000. i was like “bhad mai jae atleast koi phone to diya” really disgusting. Now in this xolo t1000 there was a app called xolo secure. i did all password setting thing. after that for some reason (that was bcoz i was unable to access my phone using pattern lock..all i had to use is password lock which i dont like) i turned off xolo secure. I locked my phone now when i try to open it asks for password though i turned off xolo secure. i m typing correct password still it says try again. when i try to boot it says xolo secure is on, disable it and try… ‘ koi mujhe yeah batae mai bina phone access kiye usse kaise band karu… kuch sense hai kya ismai… what should i do. i tried searching for some solution on net nothing worked. i just feel like throwing this phone really xolo is not good to be more desi its bhangar literally bhangar. Now whenever i see my mobile it kills me from inside. help me plz…

  76. Sabyasachi says

    Hey Arjun,
    You mentioned that Mr Gourav is receiving the calls, he didn’t pick mine . I bougth My phone on 20 April 2014 , and my screen went dead within a month. I visited the Xolo service Centre at Uttam Nagar , Delhi on 26 June 2014 , and guess what they told me its a S/W issue, which i told them to fix it . After an hour and a half he told me that i have to deposit my phone and it will take around 15 days to resolve . Today is day nos 44 ,all i get a replyis ” that it “MAY” take 10 to 15 days” . Please do help me .

  77. Niranjan says

    Why didnt i see this before buying that stupid phone. Since July 11 2014 it has been in service centre in Hyderabad. No service centre is not replying to mails,calls or visits. And the great toll free number guys tel me I have coordinate with the local service guys WTF WTF WTF…..are they listing what they are saying even after me telling yelling at top of my voice that they dont respond?????

  78. says

    I have faced the same problem.

    I have submitted my phone on 10th July for repair and contacted XOLO care 3 times then after. But every time their executive tells that they have forwarded my concern to back end team they will come back to me very soon. I want to know where is this back end team??? they had never contacted me.

    Today is 31th day from submission of my mobile but still I don’t know when I will get back.

    Today when I called in XOLO care they give me local area sales manager to talk with him. Why i should talk with area sales manager?

    if any one is watching this review and taking decision whether to purchase xolo mobile or not, I would suggest not to buy this company’s mobile. Go for any other brand. Even if you want to buy xolo mobile, also buy another mobile because in 1 year you will definitely get defect and you will have to give it to service center. Then face the same problem which I am facing right now.

    My service no : 310000570841
    Complain No : 500581

    Mobile no : 9687611997

  79. Shekhar Bandaru says

    I just pre-booked the all new XOLO Win Q900s on sanpdeal (official exclusive launch partner) after seeing the Ad in TV. But was skeptical about their service. Thanks to your blog, I feel saved. Now I am clear about going for Nokia 630 even if I have to sacrifice few goodies. Atleast I will have peace of mind till I use the phone.

  80. jai prakash says


    xolo service center and company

    is a copy cat company that is a root cause of all issues

    chor hai fargi hai eska owner

  81. Parashivaiah says

    Hi Everyone,

    For use of people in this blog or for future people looking at this blog.
    Pls. look out for contact details of xolo heads from twitter or linkedin and write to them directly after waiting/loosing your patience for giving some time for service centres or regional heads.

  82. jkj says

    I bought a XOLO Q900 on 22 may 2014 via Amazon.in…I approached the Xolo authorised service centre of Kottayam Dist ,Kerala state on 25 august 2014 due to touch screen problem of my phone…I’m very sad to inform you that the service executive at the centre behaved so rudly to me and denied to give the one year warranty of the phone, stating that there are some markings on the screws behind the phone and you have given it to some unauthorised service centre…He denied to give me the warranty and wrote on my job sheet that “unauthorised service detected and hence no warranty”…. Workorder number 310000691024 Xolo Q900 IMEI number 911331300250435 .I’ve never given my phone to any unauthorised service centre and never tried to open the screws behind the phone…The seal behind the phone is not broken …Yet the service executive denied to give me warranty and behaved to me so arrogantly.. I’m very sad to express the humiliation faced by me visiting the authorised service centre of XOLO at kottayam district of kerala state. The address of the above service centre is Electro World 360/A1, Challiyil Road, Behind Brindavanam Complex. Kottayam City: Kottayam Pincode: 686004 Contact Manager: Mr. Anu Remesh Contact Person: Mr. Anu Remesh Contact Number: 9744886696 I’m looking forward for justice and warranty of my phone from Xolo Company…

  83. jkj says

    My opinion is never XOLO smartphones and never go to XOLO authorised service centres becaz it sucks……so arrogant and rude service persons……true experience……

  84. says

    That’s correct, my Xolo Q1200 which has non removable battery, The battery got swelled up just in less than 2 months, even after not exhaustive usage. Its just their cheap batteries in xolo phones, though my phone is in warranty I still have to pay for the battery and services. Xolo care doesn’t really care. Xolo care staff is not actually a group of technical Team, consider it a collection point, all that they do at xolo care is resetting or formatting the phones, things that can be done own our on. They are not professional, don’t even listen to the problems. They don’t treat Xolo as something of their own, they would treat customers like any Gaffar Market roadside shopkeepers. They would even ask you to get your phones repaired outside from local Dukanwalas. Xolo Phones are basically like those Desi Jugaads, if they work, they work real good and for long time, but if in case something, even a small issue, happens to your phone, You are definitely going to be left with a very bitter taste in your mouth with excessive sense of loss to have bought this product. This is the difference among already established Brands like Nokia or Samsung, and still-emerging Brands like Xolo and Karbonn.

  85. ambarish kumar mishra says

    thanks arjun,i was about to buy xolo 8×1200(rs 19990), then i saw ur blog and decided to go with sony xperia………………………. :-),,

    but a friend of mine,also has a xolo play 6x 1000 with cracked display, i think, i should pray for him…………………….

  86. says

    A fascinating discussion iis definitely worth comment.
    I do think that you ought to write more about this issue, itt might not be a
    taboo matter but generally people don’t discuss such issues.

    To thee next! Cheers!!

  87. Bhavya says

    Hi i’m bought XOLO Q1000 opus before 6 months. I was using the torch application and the went dead. It happened before but it worked later. Now its completely gone. what to do now? Anyone please give me solution for this. Who is the right person to contact bangalore region??


  88. says


    Please Find The Attachment and

    This mail is in reference on my mobile, which was purchased on 28/10/2014 from shop GANESH SETH residing at Gandhi more, Kanchrapara.

    I had purchased a mobile (XOLO Q510S) from the shop above for the price of RS: 6,183 by the name of Manik das.
    The mobile was working quite well but after 10days the mobile got switched off by its self, so I went to the shop but the shopkeeper told me that i need to take it to the service center to repair it.
    So i took it for repair and service center take action very nicely, the mobile was repaired and was working fine but a week it again started to restart itself and eventually it switched off again as before, then I called up the shopkeeper for this issue on mobile number:9836755754
    But the shopkeeper grumbled and started to talk nonsense and told me to take it to the service centre again with this complain. So I went there for the second time and they told me that we cannot repair the mobile reason because the ICP of the mobile is burnt and needs to be replaced and told to give an e-mail to our Head-office regarding this issue and ask for the permission to repair the same.

    So I request you to please repair my mobile as I’m a working guy and have urgent needs of my mobile.
    Looking forward for your kind and fast help.

  89. says

    Finally I have decided to share my experience with the most and only pathetic mobile company in the entire world XOLO.
    I now even hate taking this name on my tongue…..
    When you surf the internet searching the best forum or place to lodge your complaint against this ridiculous mobile company XOLO, you might see a name “ Gaurav “ who finally resolved someone’s issue who was extremely annoyed like me.
    But in my case even he got failed to help me. I called him on Sunday and explained the issue and he said he will call me tomorrow and my issue will be resolved to my satisfaction level; I said okay I will wait for your call.
    Then I received a call by someone else on his behalf whose name was “Rajesh” and he asked the entire problem which I explained to him again.
    He advised me to reach the Service Center(Lajpat Nagar), and connect me whoever receives my mobile there; I said alright I will do that.
    After two days when I planned to go there I first tried calling to both of them(Gaurav and Rajesh) but none of them received the phone call due to some reason I am not sure what.. I then tried calling both of them some time later but still I got no response, so again it was disappointing situation for me.
    In order to make sure they do not give me any excuse I left a message on Gaurav’s mobile number that I tried calling you both but none of you received my phone call and I am much disappointed now, but still I did not get any response… how cheap!!
    Anyways here is my issue.
    When I for the first time bought a XOLO Mobile Q700 S it got hanged just in two months and I was shocked about it, but then I though it can be a problem with this specific mobile because I had heard a lot about Xolo mobiles, so I thought maybe this is a manufacturing defect… anyways.. the problem was continued and finally I threw that mobile on the wall in frustration and few weeks later I bought a new one “XOLO Q600 S” and thought at least it will work fine.
    Amazingly it started hanging just in two days and on top of this I started facing issue with its mike as well.. I could not listen to anyone calling me and to anyone I was calling to… So annoying and frustrating..
    Sometimes I used to be able to listen to the caller and most of the times not.
    In fact few of my friends used to say “ why don’t you throw this waste mobile into the dustbin”, anyways I then decided to take this mobile to the service center.
    In order to explain them my issue I recorded few calls wherein we both the caller and I were unable to hear to each other because of the irritating sound (kachar-kachar) and finally we had to disconnect the call.
    Now what happened, I visited the service center and after waiting for an hour in the queue I explained my issue to the lady presented there to help me out, she said I will flash the software (I am not sure what was the term she used) and I told her that I don’t think there is any issue with the software, it has something to do with its speaker/mike that I am unable to listen to any caller and vice versa. I also told her that I have few recorded calls that you can listen right now. She just ignored what I said and made a phone call to one of her mobile number and checked if she was able to listen at the other end.. I then explained her that sometimes it works fine but most of the times it doesn’t.. She then said I just checked it and it is working fine…
    I told her that after observing the problem for at least 2-3 weeks I came here to get it fixed now and if you still don’t believe you can listen the recorded calls.
    She did not listen anything and said I will format the mobile and flash the software and she finally did that.
    I had explained everything to her that I am very disappointed and angry about this and I just want to get it fixed in the first go with no delays.. but all my explanation went in vain.
    After formatting the mobile she handed that over to me and said if you still face the same issue, you can come back to us and we will check what best can be done… I reluctantly said “Alright “.
    I hardly made two phone calls and started facing the same issue, I can’t explain how furious I was this time… but I had no option.. I thought of suing these people but because of lack of time I could not do that.
    Note: I have already taken one leave from my office and now this was the second time I visited the service center and told the entire story to the same lady that I am still facing the same problem which I told you at the first time but for her it was a normal thing like they have done a Phd in making the people fool… “she simply said okay, “ you can leave this mobile here and it may take around 20-25 days to fix the problem” and I was speechless about what to say now.. 25 days.. is it a joke!!!
    Anyways.. I got a message in 8-10 days that the phone has been repaired please collect it at the soonest. I was quite happy that at least they did not take 25 days to resolve my problem.. I somehow took out the time out of my busy schedule and visited the service center and after a long wait when a lady came out of her cabin, I told her that I am here for this mobile and again she took 20 minutes and then asked if XOLO Q600 is yours? I said yes, then she said, we did not receive it yet, please wait for some more time… My GOD…… I said what about the message I got, she said “ that could be to inform you that the mobile has been repaired but doesn’t mean that it has received to us”. I said” if it means what you just said then why it says, “collect the mobile as soon as possible or to the sooner I can?” she was angry more than I and she was behaving like we were borrowing some money from her.
    After 15-18 days I called them again and a lady picked up the phone to whom I asked if my mobile had been repaired now or not, she asked the EMEI number that I told her and then she asked for some time to check the status of the mobile.. I said alright “take your time; I will stay online with you”.
    She did not respond me until 10 minutes and I could sense that she is not doing anything rather than checking if I am still online, so that she she could disconnect the call if I do not respond her within a fraction of seconds.
    Because I had the same expectation from her, after 5 minutes I started saying “Hello Hello”on every few seconds of gap so that she did not get a chance to disconnect the call pretending that I was not answering.
    She realized that this man will not disconnect the call; therefore, she had to do it from her end and that’s what she finally did.
    In addition to that she blocked my number so that I could not call her, again as expected.
    I could not call them for at least 15-18 days because they had blocked my number and I knew that they will delete my number from the block list when my phone will be repaired.. You can’t believe it happened.
    When my phone had repaired, my phone call got connected (like I said) and I recognized the voice of that girl and said I have recognized your voice who hanged up my phone without providing any information….
    She said you can come to receive your phone anytime you want.. (she was rude) I said ok… thanks.
    I sent my brother to collect the phone as I had to go to the office who collected it and confirmed three times whether the problem of this phone has been resolved now or not and she said yes.
    My phone condition was very bad like I have picked it up from the dustbin.
    Anyways I would have hardly made 2-3 phone calls and started facing the same problem.. trust me they did nothing… nothing was edited or added.. they just kept my mobile for so many days and made my mobile condition worst.
    I was like I must sue them now… we all know almost none of us have that much time.. but yes.. they have made my mind not to buy such a cheap mobile..Especially XOLO ever in life.
    Finally I called up to the insurance company and handed over this mobile and said if you can fix the problem do that else get it replaced..
    Whatever, in any case I will neither advice to anyone to buy XOLO mobile nor I will buy it.

    Trust me I don’t know when my mobile will be repaired … I have deleted this mobile’s picture from my mind and I don’t dwell upon this anymore.

    The Only advice I can give you for free but indeed very useful that never buy XOLO mobiles at any cost, in any case in your life.

  90. says

    I am telling you about XOLO mobiles and its services.. If you hard of hearing, no issues you can read it.. a very genuine and helpful feedback for you people(customers/Public).
    I bought xolo q600s and one more mobile prior to that which I have thrown on the wall just in 1 month.. disgusting mobile I have forgotten the model number of that mobile.
    Now I bought a xolo q 600s in October 2014 thinking it will work fine, amazingly it got hanged just in 5 minutes of using it and from the next day it started giving me trouble with it’s mike. I could not listen any caller on the phone and vice versa.. It was continued for next 2-3 weeks and then I visited the branch at the last resort where they formatted my mobile forcibly saying if you still face the same issue you can come back to us even though I have told them I can show you the recordings wherein we both the caller and the receiver are unable to listen anything except the ( Kachar-kachar) sound but they did what they had to.

    I reached home and attended two calls and the problem was still there…
    Next week I went to the service center ( lajpat nagar) and then submitted the mobile and said it will take 20-25 days… They returned the mobile after 25 days and when I made two phone calls the issue was still there…

    then I submitted the mobile at their factory ( Noida ) where they kept the mobile for 21 days and returned saying it is now fine.. but the problem was still there..
    Then again they kept the mobile for 20 days and returned the issue was still there..
    Then they kept the mobile with them for 3 weeks and replaced it with the old one … and that was too defective one…
    Now that bloody mobile is with me which I am not getting time to throw it on their face…

    Please don’t buy this disease else you will be deceased.
    I have contacted the XOLO’s director ” Vishal Sehgal” and many others as well but trust me no-one is there to listen to you.

    It is better you go for any branded mobile except such china mobiles..

    I could not use this mobile for even one day.. since I bought it, it is at the either the service center or in the factory…

    They are con people and all are very irresponsible in this mobile company…

  91. kunal says

    Hey guys was planing to buy xolo 8x-1100..but after reading your comments its really a gamble between my choice and your experience.
    Can anyone tellme if these problems persist in only low range phones of xolo or the whole xolo range segment is infected with defects?

  92. karan says

    using xolo play t1000 with custom rom as I got to know tht there will be no update for the device all the problems gone but may battery back up is for only 1-2 hours at 100% and must charge after that the 2d graphics is still sluggish and for those guys and gals who are lookin to buy a xolo device you will be put into jail because attempting suicide is a criminal offence…….Chinese manufacturers builds better mobs than xolo ……. yu yureka is a better phone than any xolo phone and yes the service is incredible a person will come to your house to solve your problems…….warranty won’t be void if u root this device…..yu Is a sister company of micromax…..the device runs on cm11 it has a 13 mp rear cam and 5mp front facing fixed focus cam…..the mob is worth a shot…..

  93. Sarath says

    I am a unfortunate owner of Xolo Q1010i model handset.I bought this phone before 6 months.From the 3rd month onwards ,it is having small issue like heating , GPS tracking issues ,hanging problems etc.Last 3 days before it got switched off suddenly and not got restart.I got perplexed and called service centre.They advised me to hand over it there and i did it .After 2 days of checking, they said it is having PCB issue and has to be sent to the XOLO head office for repair and it will take 15 days time.I am so confused/frustrated (in deed) what to do at present and i feel sucked up for buying this crappy phone.
    I am not sure whether this people will be able to deliver it in time or make more headaches which i was reading all over the page…Counting down for the day..

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