Get YouTube Background Playback without Music Key Subscription

YouTube Background Playback

YouTube is the second most used search engine. A lot of internet traffic is at YouTube and advertisers have been capitalizing on this fact very well. Music is a very integral part of YouTube. Almost every Single or Album from the most famous bands are out in YouTube and they are legal as well. We all love getting […]

How to Add Clear All to Nexus 5 Recent Apps Menu

clear-all-items-Nexus 5

Nexus 5 is still a very competitive device in the market. Being a Nexus device – with the constant updates to the Operating System – the phone will  be stable and perform well. The device is running on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. After the update there have been various bugs reported but Google is […]

How to Use WhatsApp Plus without Getting Banned (Latest APK Download)

WhatsApp Plus No Ban

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging App there is. The huge number of users on the platform has resulted in people wanting different things from the developers. WhatsApp has evolved a lot over the years and has been rapidly changing policies and adding new features after the Facebook acquisition . WhatsApp has become a must […]

How to use WhatsApp on the Web – Official

WhatsApp Web Version

WhatsApp as we all are aware is the most widely used messaging application. The company was recently bought by Social Network giant Facebook for a whooping amount. WhatsApp seven after acquisition continues to operate independent of Facebook. But after the acquisition , there have been lot of changes to the messaging client. The messaging client […]

How to Update TWRP to Material Design Version

TWRP Material Design

TWRP – Team Win Recovery Project is one of the best Recoveries out there. Of the two prominent ones – ClockWorkMod and TWRP – TWRP is the most preferred because of its ease of use and frequent updates. TWRP basically helps you make System level modifications when your device is rooted. You can flash Custom […]

How to Add Toggles to Nexus 5 Lollipop Power Menu

Power Menu Toggles Nexus 5

Android 5.0 Lollipop was a major release for Android lovers and developers. Android 5.0 brings in a lot of changes visually and also under the hood. We have got the new Material Design as well as changes in the Virtual Machine from Dalvik to Android Run Time. The whole user interface has been revamped by […]

Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro

Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi as we all know is the Best Startup in the world. The smartphone manufacturer took the world by storm with a series of great devices. Xiaomi has never looked back from the initial days – they have been getting better with every release.Even the Indian market has received the devices well. Recently in a […]